1. They both have a penultimate faceoff with and earn the respect of the Brazilian followed by fighting a powerful man turned even more physically imposing by special materials.

  2. The ancient Dutch are crying right now.

  3. I know it's from Dutch, and that it's got a real meaning, I only wanted to make a pun with the English spelling.

  4. I agree, it's very important to telegraph it somehow. That's the 'gotcha' bit, just dropping it on players out of the blue. If they expected this to be a game as Dimir agents, and as Dimir agents all game, it's not fair to suddenly turn things over and have them fleeing from fellow spies. If they wanted an intrigue plot, though, they ought to get one, good and hard.

  5. True on so many fucking levels. My dm rule is to limit myself to only one betraying npc in a campaign, whether it's a side or main character (last one was doom guy btw, long story)

  6. Traitor NPCs have the exact same problem as actual mimics: introduce one and the game grinds to a halt as they poke every chest with a ten-foot-pole and throw pebbles at all the furniture.

  7. Haha I was going for that buzzcut tough guy look, like Dutch from Predator or Colonel Quaritch from Avatar.

  8. Reminded me of Khamsin from MGR but he does have that style so I think it sells it real well.

  9. People forget that fantasy dragons are rich. Super rich. They would buy politicians and also nukes.

  10. As someone who's not really up to date with dark angels lore, what's their deal?

  11. Nobody knows. But a single Watcher once stared down and scared off the Changeling, an elite daemon of Tzeentch, that had infiltrated the Dark Angels.

  12. A swarm of Watchers enter a ship empty handed, but they leave carrying the most random, extremely valuable stuff and there's nothing you can do about it. One of them has a terminator's helmet, another one has Mortarion's scythe, another has Abaddon. Just Abaddon. And the last is carrying the whole warp drive on his shoulders.

  13. Less experienced Watchers resort to simply carrying random stuff around until people assume that if a Watcher's carrying it it has to be a relic of some kind and start venerating it.

  14. “What do you mean I can’t solve trade disputes with nuking everything to dust?”

  15. 40k's characters named space marines if plot armor didn't exist.

  16. They made up an entire thing with the Iron Halo forcefields because people kept calling them out on how stupid it is for veterans of millenia of war to walk around helmetless in combat.

  17. After they divided into chapters, the Imperial Fists chapter basically got wiped out and had to be replaced with the Fists Exemplar chapter.

  18. I thought they were kind of GoFundMe'd by all the other descendant chapters? I know it was after War of the Beast and that they basically ended up being their own successors.

  19. Iron Warriors are Greeks and are suffering the exact same fate all Greeks who thought they were better than the gods ever did: lethal doses of irony.

  20. Wait... did I... did I just read a Werewolf the Apocalypse reference in the title, with "Pentecks"?

  21. There's nothing suspicious about House Pentecks, even if their textile factories have been meticulously upgraded throughout the years to produce more noxious slop from the dye process to dump into rivers instead of less.

  22. All I heard was something about someone who wasn't a Primaris Space Marine being replaced by someone who is, so that's objectively good as far as I'm concerned.

  23. He needs more Watchers. I'm waiting for a proxy that's just three Watchers riding on each other's shoulders. Or one, on a really big chair.

  24. The problem with being the people defined by 'excels at brutal violence' is that you're the go-to Worf to prove how much better someone else is at brutal violence.

  25. Valkyrie dropship is a big pet peeve of mine because I really don't want to ride to an engagement, let alone do medevac on a craft named after mythical beings that carry dead warriors to the afterlife!

  26. "Sirs, allow me to invite you to step inside the all-new M2 Charon APC. While this will be a formidable addition to our army's motor pools, it will not be replacing the old favorite, the M4049 St. Peter."


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