1. Couldn’t it be just about any of those people? Just because they haven’t arrested anyone doesn’t mean they’re cleared. They could be gathering evidence. I feel like the fact that said that the general public isn’t in danger means they have a suspect and just haven’t arrested them yet.

  2. I really like that stuff. It’s definitely very exfoliating and maybe too strong for some people but I love it.

  3. I wish I had never seen this video, not gonna lie.

  4. José Vergara Acevedo, 31, was only injured and is recovering, this happened in Chile.

  5. I've been to Arizona several times and I have seen some casual references to racism spoken as if it were no big deal. However, the people I heard said these things were not racists in the traditional sense. It was just a way of talking for them. No, that doesn't make it right, but it did add a perspective for me.

  6. Isn’t that racism in its most traditional sense though? Prejudice based on someone’s race.

  7. Ice Cube gets $9mill for movies? Are we sure these events were directly related? Like he had an actual offer lined up and ready to go if he got vaccinated? Nobody’s stupid enough to turn down $9mill, not even a rapper/actor who thinks he knows better than decades of vaccine research.

  8. Didn't get the offer because he refused to Vax. He "turned" it down. I didn't get to write the headline lol, but it definitely is more eye catching their way.

  9. I opted against getting anything in the end even though I’m still always looking for the midnight sale thrill :)

  10. I noticed that it said billing would be on 11/17 for the add-ons that ended 11/15, so hopefully it’s not all lost? I also didn’t get billed and now they’ve disappeared and panicked because I had done like half my Xmas shopping, hopefully we get billed tomorrow and they show up…

  11. That makes so much sense. I wish it would show up immediately just as a reassurance it’s gone through. I haven’t received an email and it didn’t show up in the add ons so I panicked a little too I’ve also done Christmas gifts through it so really hoping it’ll show up tomorrow. Good luck!

  12. My payment went through! I hope yours did too…

  13. I’m actually wondering how that kitten took his eyebrow off…

  14. Maybe it’s sone sort of waterproof thing to put your items in while in a boat to protect them? I’ve used similar things when sailing though this is also mysterious.

  15. The women he dates are worth $8 million or more too tho.

  16. I really don't think people are saying what this guy his proclaiming anyway. I've only heard women on Reddit say he is attractive in and unconventional way, he might be funny as well.

  17. I think he’s probably funny as hell, fun in the sack and makes you feel like the only woman in the world when you’re with him. But it still makes no sense.

  18. Mine have been doing this for a while too.

  19. I had such high hopes for him and Giselle 😉

  20. This looks like the school district map Odessa Texas drew up to get the best athletes on their Permian football team.

  21. Basically all of the women outside of the planned parenthood I’m near are post-menopausal. The others are mousey brown haired Mormons. It’s gross. They have no skin in the game, but they want to harm the shit out of other people because they think they have moral authority to do so. I flip them the bird every time I go by.

  22. I approve of all of this except dissing brunettes. What does that have to do with it?

  23. I’m not. Typically Mormon girls from where I’m from are brunettes and look the same. You can almost be 100% positive they’re Mormon by this certain brown color they have. It’s weird.

  24. So I finally got in! I just used the play without login button. I’m not sure if the same will work for you but it loaded all my information!

  25. Ooh thanks! I was about to reply that I emailed them to change my email and they sent me a reset link but it didn’t work. When I’ve played without login it doesn’t bring up my info 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. I haven’t gotten around it 😫 I think I’m never going to see my old account and all the work I put into it again.

  27. my state always goes blue so voting is pointless is such a toxic yet prevailing viewpoint here in california. so gross. stop being lazy and go vote.

  28. People have no idea how lucky we are to be living in a country where our voices matter and those voices are our votes. I can’t believe people don’t use them.

  29. But it’s all true, he was a total dick.

  30. Maybe. But that doesn’t mean it’s his fault his sister died. Its understandable he’s be upset at that implication.

  31. Agreed, that was not his fault at all. But he comes across terribly in the show and I think the reason for that is that he was terrible.

  32. I think the FGF texts are at 1PM, EST, not noon.

  33. My cat does this too! She gathers things and drops them in her water bowl.

  34. I’ve gotten them as stocking stuffers and people LOVE them. They’re great gifts. I got some for a friend to give as gifts and her 90 year old dad says he’s scrubbing his feet for the first time in his life and is pretty much more enthusiastic about them then he’s ever been about anything. The ones for men smell better than the ones for women imo.

  35. Thank you! I will order some of those too! Thankfully we are driving to the port and not flying because this Mom is going crazy- door decorating contest, secret Santa for all three of us (mom, dad and 16 year old) and theme nights. Ho ho ho!

  36. That sounds like a lot but these are guaranteed to please. And they’re my favorite kind of gifts, they kind you use and then throw away.

  37. Selfish, no self awareness, never had to face consequences, never taken responsibility for her behavior, used to getting her way if she whines enough, etc

  38. Well, here’s her reality check! Welcome to adulthood, accountability and life. She started out with a doozy, this will follow her forever.

  39. Nobody really expects white males to not vote conservative. Seems like a waste of energy to convince them otherwise.

  40. They’ll never vote against a system that’s stacked in their favor.

  41. I am a white woman and I hate how we’re screwing it up for everybody. Our adjacency to white men and their money has given us the mistaken idea that we matter more than we do. I hate it.

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