1. As a guy with a high paying job (software engineer) it helps me know that she makes smart choices in life and isn't just looking for a sugar daddy.

  2. My home state of New Mexico is home to dozens of Native American communities who settled this land thousands of years ago. We still have ancient cliff dwellings and modern communities today. The Spanish settlement of this area began in 1598 and many communities, missions, cathedrals from that period are still around.

  3. Also evidence of human existence which completely derails the theory that people traveled across the bering strait from Africa

  4. They first need to clarify what an "assault rifle" even is. There are pistols out there that are potentially more deadly (depending on the ammo used) than AR-15's.

  5. I’m a veteran and I can tell you that the AR-15 isn’t an ideal weapon for close combat. Pistols are much faster and more efficient.

  6. These numbers just don't jive with government data. A couple months ago I took suicide data from the CDC, for 15-19 year olds, between 1999-2021 (a handful of states haven't reported 2021 yet, but it won't change results much).

  7. The comment by the press sec was very dumb, to tweet it was abysmally dumb. Wanting to shoot someone for any political reason is beyond dumb on every level. Suffice to say - - there are dumb, bigoted people in both parties that severely need to check themselves. It makes me happy to be an independent/centrist, as I am not obligated to play ball with the idiots on either side.

  8. Both sides like to cherry-pick the dumbest, most hateful people on the other side and say “see this crackpot? They’re the spokesperson for all my ideological foes.” It’s the same drama you see on Fox News and MSNBC every day.

  9. Your beliefs are correct. Major is functionally irrelevant to your job in the Army outside of branching Cyber.

  10. I majored in civil engineering and branched engineer in the Army. I had zero plans of ever using my degree at the time (engineering was my backup plan, I mostly wanted to do hoo-ah stuffs.) But, after my platoon leader time, my degree qualified me for an assignment with USACE working on construction projects with civilian engineers. I liked it so much, I ended up separating and working for them as a civilian.

  11. This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with being hit on while working but it definitely was the first time I didn’t realize it was happening. I completely misread the situation.

  12. One time I invited some people from work to go hiking. One of the females I invited thought I was hitting on her, because I didn’t make it clear that it was a group thing 😅😅😅

  13. I’m an O3 in the guard (prior active.) Every unit I’ve been in has had a gay guy. My current unit has two open lesbians who are in relationships.

  14. I think this was also the case with Ted Bundy. The same thing happened with my own mom.

  15. Eric Clapton too. It was common back in the day to avoid a scandal.

  16. I know this is from 2 years ago but I am thinking of taking the dive into a Master's program. I have 9 years of experience in a leadership position that deals with Data (handling it, making sense of it) Would this be an applicable program for me and is it for people with experience or is it better for people just starting out?

  17. Yes, I think so. You learn Python, R, and SQL and how to use it to wrangle data and draw conclusions. Several of my classmates have landed jobs using this program.

  18. Some US Americans don’t have maps like and such as…

  19. Including the one where Betty Broderick murdered her ex-husband and his new wife?

  20. I think it would be fair to say it's a bit of both.

  21. Utah and Mississippi hold the top slots for most religious.

  22. Utah is a very different state than really all the other religious states because of Mormonism. I frankly don't even classify them as the same in most cases.

  23. The doctrines are very different compared to, say, a Baptist or Presbyterian Church. However, the moral standards are basically the same.

  24. The current test (ACFT) is easily completed by a couch potato.

  25. What are the racial breakdown statistics on the non-support roles in general versus leadership? Are they in step?

  26. I was down in Bliss at the time. 2E later came down and merged with us in 3/1 STB to form 3/1 BEB. I heard about this from a few E7's that will remain nameless. Small world.

  27. It is indeed. Several people have recognized me on here over the years, based on the stories I've told. And I was only in for five years. 2E was stood up in 2009 I believe, using old buildings before the Army built them their own DFAC, motor pool, battalion headquarters, maintenance bay, and company operating facility. That was in 2010 or so. Only a few years later, they decided to remove 2E (only FORSCOM unit on that installation) and relocate it to Bliss. Those new, multi-million dollar facilities were left vacant.

  28. Got any places or activities to recommended ?

  29. Many. There are many trails, state and national parks, etc. It's an outdoorsman's paradise!

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