1. I got them, but am so sorry that so many didn't. I don't believe that they ran out for one minute. They showed them in the confirmation email for my order. Do you still have your?

  2. You needed light this is bullshit they sent me the darker shade of Tarte shape tape as a replacement for me and I'm literally the lightest shade in every foundation. If I wore out what they gave me I would get beat up for black face. And I reached out four days ago no response so I asked them to cancel all three of my subscriptions and refund them before the end of the day the 30th or I would open a case against them so we will see what happens. Im going to start a new account because I swear they don't respond to me anymore on purpose and I can't shop ipsy, flash sales, add ons and they still haven't fixed it so it makes my bags useless without add ons and my friend let me log in to her account to see if it was my app or browser or just my account and hers worked so it's just my account.

  3. Unfortunately I think this is comparable to the light 021 I was supposed to get from KVD and what they offered to "fair" profiles would have worked for me. I have my profile set to my skintone for Spring through Fall because it fits my tone for most of the year. I am hoping that ending time changes after this year's Spring forward will keep an overall more even skintone.

  4. Or practicing looking down on you like the queen she is. That's a very noble looking kitty. 😍

  5. I'm not really feeling this month, maybe because January was so good. What does everyone think? I'm probably skipping..I don't need another cleanser, palette, mascara and the mist is probably very fragranced.

  6. Thanks for posting February's box. It seems like we only know the picked products before the box is sent.

  7. I've had this for 10 days and everything came. I've just been hibernating when I'm not at work.

  8. FYI KENSIE is having a sale on their website. You can get the same So Pretty Purse Fragrance for $5!

  9. I've had this for 10 days and everything came. I've just been hibernating when I'm not at work.

  10. Make sure to use the freebie code on the insert in the Kensie fragrance. It's for their Signature Body Lotion (Worth $20). You only have to pay shipping ($6.99 for me)

  11. Oh, thanks! I will check this! Is that lotion nice?

  12. Wow you got 1200??? They just responded and gave me 600 after my whole entire bag was missing, and gave me a refund of $8….Even though my add-ons totalled to 40. The point selection is pretty much garbage and im not fond of their brand. Ipsy just borrows money from us every month lmao

  13. You did get back with them about a full refund and got it, right? They can't legally only give a refund less than what you paid for and didn't receive.

  14. Same. Do you know that brand? I couldn't find much on it.

  15. I have a lip liner from them in an Ipsy bag. I don't use it often, but it's a pretty color.

  16. I went with the CALLYSSEE Eyeliner in America on for one bag and the APPEAL COSMETICS Lipstick in Muse for the other. I don't have a brown eyeliner, and I looked up the lipsticks color on the brand's site and it's very pretty.

  17. We had a car that would do this to my dad, only him. It would drive him up the wall. Cats groom to bond and show affection, so it's not unheard of.

  18. I did check my email and it was sending me stuff about the regular glam bag and even sent the Choice for GB email today. My bank account didn't even get billed for GBX but it says my membership is active

  19. Check your account on the app/site. Click "Glam Bag X" under your memberships. Under "More", select "Manage Membership." Select "Stop upgrading my membership to Glam Bag X", and follow instructions from there.

  20. does it take a while to cancel because I've clicked on it like 5 times and it hasn't canceled

  21. Did you check your email? I think you're supposed to confirm the cancelation from an email link.

  22. Can’t choose on my main account but was able to on my second account. I’m pissed. I wanted to pause GB #2. I can’t pause #1 because of GBX. Ipsy had better fix this before choice is closed. 😤

  23. GBX is replacing your GB on account #1. Unless you have it set to replace GBP, in which case 🤷‍♀️😞 and I would contact CS.

  24. I chose the watermelon serum. I have very dry skin and every watermelon skincare product I’ve ever tried works really well for me. I hope this one does too.

  25. Choice is probably the best way to Guage the month's bag for the regularGB. If you don't like the choices, you still have time to pause before getting charged.

  26. Not typically, but I did receive an order that had items from a sale and the shop in separate shipments once. I would contact Ipsy to ensure you will be receiving all the items you paid for or that you get a refund for what they can't send you.

  27. There's a lot of confusion about Flash this month. GBP timeline says the 21st (clearly that didn't happen), regular GB timeline says the 25th (for choice, which is also when Flash happens), and the banner on the GB page says the 23rd for choice. So it might start tonight, but not typically until midnight eastern, which it isn't quite yet. Check back in a couple of hours.

  28. Someone emailed customer service and posted their response somewhere on here. CS said that Choice is the 23rd through 25th. Flash should start at midnight tonight.

  29. I once stupidly sprinkled some cat nap on the top part of a 3-tier cat tree. Honey Bear knocked it over and just kept rolling around on the catnip like nothing happened. Don't worry; She wasn't hurt.

  30. I chose the eyeshadow palette because I already have the highlighter palette. The highlighter palette is beautiful.

  31. Tons of subscribers have always said that they wish they could choose to have another product instead of the bag, so when Ipsy started gbx it was 7 products plus a bag or you could choose to get 8 products instead. They gave everybody exactly what they had been asking for.

  32. I didn't get the bag as a choice option the last 2 months they had GBX. They did offer it in add-ons the last time, so that may be where you're getting 1 month.

  33. I would have just emailed them saying you were missing the foundation and ask for a replacement to be sent out. I was supposed to receive the Keys cleansing balm this month but instead of that I got a primer (can't remember the brand). I emailed them saying I was missing the balm and didn't mention the primer that wasn't even supposed to be in there. They are sending me a replacement balm.

  34. They're sending a replacement. The wording tells me even customer support doesn't know if it's the foundation or a "comparable but equally awesome accommodation item." If it's not the KVD foundation or a similarly valued foundation, I will be getting back with them and request a partial refund. I was specific with what I expected because Ipsy's known for sending random items, including tiny samples to replace a high-value full-sized item, in their accommodation orders.

  35. And I just realized they had it in add-ons, and some people received multiple. I'll have to bring that up to them when they reply.

  36. Was this intended as a reply to me or to the original post about how the subreddit is super nitpicky? I'm not clear on how what I said was offensive, so hoping you meant to the post by Adventurous-Town5440. (If what I said was offensive, then I'm sorry, but I assume you don't mean me, as I certainly didn't say "first-world problems". )

  37. It was intended to the one who said "first world problems". I must have clicked reply on the wrong one. Sorry.

  38. I wouldn't say it gives the info people need. Especially if someone is new to Ipsy, they might think that some of the items shown that are from January are the actual items that could appear in February's bag. And that could influence them to subscribe.

  39. People have a right to feel whatever they may feel about whatever they want and express it in a healthy way (ie discussing it on reddit). It's totally fine for you to not care for it and express it, so long as you don't invalidate those feelings. It's never okay to dismiss another person's reactions as "first world problems."

  40. So i took a 2 year hiatus from Ipsy and I’m glad to be back! Already excited for GBX next month😂

  41. You got a fantastic bag! Your mom is going to love the GOLDFADEN eye cream. It really works

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