1. I have to put the cat food in plastic bins as soon as I bring it in. Lest my little monster chews them open.

  2. Yeah. It’s not fat shaming when someone’s child is literally in danger due to their weight.

  3. They have doctors and school nurses for that. And even when addressing weight, shaming is not necessary. Education goes a helluva a lot further. Remember we don't know people's stories and what they are struggling with, judging strangers doesn't make you a good person. Itmakes you a jerk.

  4. No I agree shaming is never necessary. But addressing it appropriately should be more accepted and not always taken as shaming

  5. I agree it should be addressed appropriately, and by that I mean people that know the families. Online forums including social media platforms are inappropriate places to address it. There are too many reasons for childhood obesity, ranging from medical conditions to medications to stress (the stress hormone cortisol places a major role). It is not our place to pass judgment or feel comfortable scolding strangers when faceless on the internet (or even close acquaintances). That's just not healthy behavior.

  6. Probably won’t help but there’s a survey link in your confirmation email. Give them hell.

  7. Ooh, you got the elusive green KVD eyeliner. I'd definitely pick that.

  8. I was bummed to see that the toner was offered to some because it wasn't an option for me. I was offered the Gel Creme and picked that.

  9. FENTY BEAUTY Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer + Plumper in Hot Cherry (IPSY pick)

  10. I did, not holding my breath or expecting them to care though. I did get my add on refund so I suppose it could be worse.

  11. Since you did not get the 5 products that you bought, Ipsy cannot legally refuse to refund unless they send 2 more items. Remind them of the law and that you will contact the states' attorneys general for false advertising + not fulfilling what you paid for if they don't reimburse you. They don't just get to take your money and run.

  12. I got it to and I added up the worth, they said $222 and the products are worth $129.50. I googled each product. The eye cream is discontinued so hopefully it isn't expired and also it said we would get five full size products and the detube is a deluxe sample size. The full size is 4ml.

  13. I got the same stuff in mine. I just sent an email to Ipsy about how one of the products is a deluxe-sample and not full-size like they described. I'll stay on them like a dog on a bone if I have to.

  14. Kind of. Bastards aren't eligible for the throne anyway. Bobby B had plenty of bastards, including Gendry, who was older than Joffrey, but not an actual Baratheon until he was legitimized.

  15. If that were the case, Cersei wouldn't have seen them as a threat to her children's claim to the throne and had them killed.

  16. I didn't get the Huda Lip Balm in mine so they sent GIRLACTIK's Cranberry Face Scrub as a replacement. I didn't know how to feel about it, especially since I requested a GBX item as a replacement. I do know that I didn't want to deal with customer support on it.

  17. Email them directly with screenshots of your refunds and orders and demand that the handling fee be refunded. If you have to, remind them that you know who to contact should they not (Your state's Attorney General and their state's Attorney General).

  18. I have half of those items. I am so glad I took myself off the waitlist the day before they would activate my luxe.

  19. Hmm…well I really don’t care if they ban me because I’m done with them, but I’ll do as you say and wait til September 30th and ask for a refund. As you said I might in the future want to shop a sale but it will be the far future, I really need to take a break, I have tons of skincare,hair products and makeup that fills 2 whole dressers and a few large cases, lol

  20. I've disputed charges from Ipsy with PayPal and am still able to purchase from Ipsy.

  21. Pretty meh about this box. Really contemplating cancelling. I just have so much stuff at this point and I don’t need Ipsy and BC. I’ve been happier with Ipsy lately because I get to pick 3 items and there’s been A LOT of crossover for Ipsy choice. Lots of things I’ve already gotten from BC, so I think it’s about time to take a break. Love the Ace Beaute eyeshadow palette though! The lipgloss is great too!

  22. Oh I had no idea! I don’t let him play with tape often because I’m too afraid he’ll actually eat it and get choked or something. But I’ll watch him and let him play with it occasionally. I’ve never understood his obsession tho! He also love crinkly plastic/plastic bags. Again, I monitor him, but it’s just funny to watch how much he loves those things.

  23. Monkey is obsessed with Ipsy mailers. I let him chew them and monitor him. They're pretty sturdy, so he hasn't bitten off a piece yet.

  24. it's awful that they still post on Ig an image of the ND Zendo palette in the Luxe box to get people to subscribe...the old "If you want this, then click the link" bait and switch. They should just be honest on social media and say that the boxes are sold out. I was lured into upgrading and now who knows what I'll get.

  25. They also sent me an email saying that they were taking me off the waitlist and activating my luxe box; they specifically said I would be getting the Fall box when they have already sold out of it. Thankfully I had already canceled it before seeing the email.

  26. I was a bad girl and sent myself 2 free bags a few months ago. I made up for it by not canceling right away and actually using them. One account is for GBX months, so I can get the regular GB, too.

  27. Stay on them until they give you a refund. They advertised that you (and everyone) would get the ND palette when they knew they did not have enough in stock. Let them know that a little coupon is not enough.

  28. I hate how long they take to reply but I'm sure it's in hopes of people saying forget it but yes I want my money back, period. I even showed them the email with the promised ND palette and they gave me the excuse of oos and $6.

  29. Keep replying or ask to escalate. Delete the old stuff in a reply, so they can't use it. If you have to open a new ticket so you're assigned a new agent. Also let them know that you can contact your state's attorney general about their unquestionable business practices like telling people they will be getting the Fall 2022 box when they're already out..

  30. I'm torn between the Fenty fat water, the ABH concealer, and the Jazmine beauty lipstick which looks really pretty but I've never heard of the brand

  31. Incidentally I have 2 base bags and chose the first 2. I unpaused the extra one that I need to cancel for the third.

  32. I am pleased too!. I was like no skincare but.. alright ok I can dig this. was hoping for OFRA! But figured I wouldn’t get it since I chose wander beauty! Did you get the color bare too? Yes the liners are a bit dark for me too. But usually I’m not as pale lol

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