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  1. We've been texting for 4 years and I recently started having a crush on him a few months ago. I'd like to tell him how I feel in person or see him again but we live on 2 different continents.

  2. That's sweet, just start off by saying that you like her and intend on taking her on a date) if your goal is to make her your girlfriend of course.

  3. I'm talking things veeeeeeery slowly, but will surely give an update with what happens :)

  4. He sang to you for your birthday ! That is pure romance right there ! I truly believe he has feelings for you as well. Just tell him now instead of waiting any longer, and the 2 of you can figure out how to be together sooner. Love grows out of friendships, so be brave and take the plunge. As I am in my 50s now, I have realized how short life is and how fast it flies by. I no longer hide my feelings and just tell people that I care about how I feel. Others here have said as well that not telling each other their feelings turned out to be a huge waste of time. It has been 4 years. Love knows no boundaries, and the 2 of you can live anywhere together. People move to other countries all the time, and love is the best reason to do so. Tell him now. It's time.

  5. Okay, I'm going to do it! Feeling super nervous about it but I will tell him how I've been feeling about him lately.

  6. Actions speak louder than words, the fact that he has been engaging in that says something. But follow your gut feeling.

  7. Dont try to have a conversation with her, just move unto someone just as invested as you. She's not worth your time, because she is not as interested.

  8. Wow thats terrible, I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. I guess we never really know what a person is capable of doing even after knowing them for so long.

  9. Yeah I had a whole speech in my mind but I guess that was mostly to help me process the situation 😅

  10. I feel it's probably most likely that he got swept up it the moment when you were together and thought long distance would work but once you actually left it was out of sight out of mind and rather than be honest with you he found it easier to ghost

  11. Yeah we were both kind of in lala land together 😂 but I'm glad things ended earlier than later. That saves a lot of my emotional energy

  12. yes, well you are not the first one to get your heart broken and won't be the last.

  13. Yeah, I'm currently disassociating myself from him, he probably is still in the fooling around phase and doesn't actually want something serious. I'll eventually find something real and honest with someone else :)

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