1. I wonder why they went to these then 🤦‍♀️ I was so excited lol hadn't had a Ancient Roots cart in forever lmao oh well it happens

  2. In short, progression....better atomization for whole plant extractions, better taste, less chance of heavy metal cross-contamination, & less prone to clogging.

  3. People were saying the same thing about the disco biscuits 20 years ago.

  4. Passing of the torch..when phish was breaking up (2x) people were very keen to try and line up the Next Big One.

  5. Your 100% correct but it was a different atmosphere then, that idealoligy was more about the party "scene" & less about the musical experience, which scene could keep up the same sorta pace and/or ecosystem.

  6. This should be highly concerning to any company that needs to strictly acoount for inventory.

  7. A million dollar company which cannot seem to grasp a Quality Control Operating Procedure for weighing a product which happens to cost more than pure gold.

  8. Mistakes can happen, no matter how sensitive the materials or cost, but I do take your meaning...

  9. Maybe 26 inches. Didn't measure it. Thought they wanted the weight. All good ! After no answer from them n 4 days. I posted pics on here an Instagram bout hr later they sent my $ n full

  10. So Instagram is the key, huh. Well I guess if they got one person trying to monitor all incoming/outgoing communications, thata be the one to pick. Cell phones positioned too close can interfere with scale performance.

  11. Firelands is pretty consistent, imo. They have decent strains, and grow them well. Everyone seems to like Salty Watermelon, and it IS really nice, but they have so many more good strains. Tropicana Banana, Tally Mon, Chem OG, White Papaya... I'd suggest trying a Luster Pod or live rosin carts. Their live rosin is really nice.

  12. What I meant was simply that they consistently put out decent flower with good genetics, and decent cures. All of the strains I have had have not varied much from batch to batch, and, even if they aren't the most heavy hitters, they are consistently good. I guess I put words like "pretty" (consistent) in my comments because I know there are people who aren't going to agree with me, or will call me out so we can get into a conversation over preference semantics. My comments are almost always based on my opinion, and only sometimes facts. Everyone is different.

  13. There's a cap that goes over top. You can use a small torch or an induction heater to evenly heat the outside. It's designed to emit two "click" noises once its at the perfect heat for vaping.

  14. Jungle 🔥 is pretty good. Nice and potent with a hint of gas smell. I would buy it again

  15. I said credit card as a broad term, like most people do. But when asked I clarified that I'm not sure if you can use "Credit" but that you can use your bank cards. Because you couldn't use a card at all for a while and now you can. So when I said you could use your credit cards I figured most people knew what I meant by it. Apparently not you though..

  16. I believe it's a glorified debit transaction, but technically a Point of Sale A.T.M. withdrawal.

  17. Which is perfectly fine with me because I would rather use my bank card instead of carrying a lot of cash. And I wouldn't want to put this shit on Credit anyway. I'm not trying to pay even more money than what we are already being charged at the dispos, don't want to tack on interest from a credit card.

  18. Just for the record, credit card is not a broad term nor interchangeable w/debit. Sounds like your back pedaling.

  19. If you werent there for that moment then you dont get it.

  20. Kool fucking story mate, looking forward to chapter 2, or chapter 1 for that matter.

  21. that’s awesome!! glad I could be of assistance

  22. Those all-ceramic 510 carts are slick, best hitting cartridges in our market (hardware wise). No drops in my area unfortunately. Purchased some of their kief. It was wet & abnormally dark.

  23. it hits really nice out of the Cloak by Hamilton Batteries, I also sprung for the Sherlock style they have on their site but can’t recommend it even though it looks bad ass and has a nice heft to it, it just hits so weak for some reason.

  24. Actually so nice, ive had it before, full of terps and taste

  25. Certified isn’t in same galaxy as Klutch, Galenas and Woodward. The aesthetics are top notch however the effects, taste and smell are underwhelming at best…..

  26. Too ironic, I was just saying the same thing about Klutch, Galenas & Woodward.

  27. Imagine waking up in your room at night and he’s quietly standing in your corner staring at you…

  28. Oh gawd. I’d be more scared than him and take off screaming and running.

  29. Why not attempt any aid, your afraid of young human beings appearantly ? Maybe, you should start seeing your therapist once a week instead if biweekly....negative one.

  30. I honestly don’t know what you mean lol. Please elaborate.

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