1. Someone explain to me why this partnership ever existed.

  2. Just curious what the long term "end game" might be with the increases/price of fuel.

  3. Reportedly went up 60 cents in Nb to above $3 last night.

  4. I go for 2 or 3 months at a time during my Canadian winters. And I only ever take one carry on sized pack. I found a ... 40 liter pack (I think) that opens like a suitcase but you wear it like a pack. AND it is an Amazon Basics product. So it was inexpensive. Hey, I'm frugal!

  5. I just don't seem to get why rain and thunderstorms bring me peace.. Am I depressed or something. Like I find myself sometimes saying "why wont it just rain!" Lol

  6. This comedy clip from the great George Carlin is American-centric BUT it applies to all countries. I am in Canada and it certainly applies here :)

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