1. Ohh my friend you have to watch WestWorld, Anthony Hopkins is like a Grey Version of a cross between Tony Stark, Nicola Tesla, and Elon Musk all in one. Part of me sort of wishes the character was real as I’d love to be a part of the WestWorld experience and drink 1800s whisky and freak the AI robots out by showing them a telephone.

  2. I heard that it gets really shitty later on and that kinda turned me off of watching it

  3. It’s just that the first season is so amazing, and the second is almost as good, but then… it kinda has a whole different feel once they leave the park, so it’s just not as good. But I still enjoyed the later seasons OK.

  4. Watched Mindhunter, I don’t have any streaming service with access to fringe :(

  5. I’ll ask one of our apple engineers about it and let you know what I hear back.

  6. Confirmed that the ads are what’s causing this atm. Sounds like there might be a feasible fix on the horizon, but I don’t have a timeline on that for you.

  7. For whatever reason, I haven’t gotten any ads on Plex, could that be why?

  8. Any spoilers from the game are completely prohibited to be posted within this thread.

  9. Pace of the episode was a little slower, but good otherwise.

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