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  1. Sunghoon, Heeseung and Jay. Such an unserious bunch of dudes 😭

  2. Most excited about Enhypen, it has been a minute since Future Perfect came out and really curious about what will be the sound of the next tt (it feels like they have been switching it up every year).

  3. I’m so excited for Enhypen’s comeback and intrigued to see the route they will go this year. We know that they’re getting the comeback ready as they already listened to the tittle track and they’re giving hints here and there to a new album. Predictions said that it would be around March so we just have to wait and see. I’m so so so excited

  4. Never tried shipping idols. I mean, they usually get on by planes these days. Just be responsible and don't put them in the box, also don't forget to stick the fragile stickers.

  5. Interesting question! As for my ult group (Enhypen) I get their albums, DVDs and most merch. I collect all members in album photocards (with focus in korean releases the most), as for my bias line I collect all of their album pcs, their DVD pcs, Seasons Greeting random inclusion, Lucky Draws (I choose 3 stores and collect the three of the three of them), and certain pobs.

  6. I feel like this amounts to "don't do anything about online hate because the internet is not real" and I feel like that is demonstrably untrue these days.

  7. Most idols I feel like they would hate for their fans to engage with hateful comments and get harmed in the process. And it often results in back and forth insults for e/os faves and just overall displeasure for everyone involved. Fan wars are stupid and just fuel more hate towards a fandom and their artist. I understand when people want to correct misinformation that has been spread about their faves.

  8. I general, all groups under HYBE are participating in the process and are encouraged to propose their lyrics, whenever it's chosen or not in the end, they still can give their lyrics to be considered. NewJeans members participated in the lyrics from the very beginning, Le Sserafim as you named them, I'm pretty sure they all participate to some extent. I think only Enhypen and &Team (they just have two songs so far) don't have writing credits (edit, except for Jake). But it seems like creative input is encouraged by HYBE's labels.

  9. Enhypen’s Jake has credits for Shout Out, which is part of their latest album. They are slowly gaining confidence in songwriting so hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future!

  10. Jae has always called out his fans, in and after kpop. The infamous Roblox gif incident is recalled by so many as “dude can’t control his fans hating over a kid” when in reality it was that there was tension going on between Korean and International MyDays, and this International MyDay (apparently an underage fan) posted a very graphic roblox gif (basically one person smashing someone else’s head against a table) with the caption: I-MyDays vs K-MyDays and Jae stumbled upon it and called them out saying like “I don’t want to ever see stuff life this again” and people got upset with OP and then the public blamed Jae for “not controlling his fans”.

  11. ah I remember this one time (maybe a year ago) jae told fans to stop engaging with toxic ot4 fans who were sending him hate. I saw lots of people upset at him because they felt like he disregarded their efforts to protect him. some even said they were going to continue anyways because he “didn’t understand why it was important”. it blew my mind how they didn’t see that the endless drama was taking a toll on his mental health and completely ignored his wishes

  12. Yep, I remember that. We’ve come a long way. I respond to hate comments every now or then. Certain comments are sometimes understandable given what has happened. But whenever misinformation goes on, we respond.

  13. it sounds to me that you’re just part of the problem at this point. By throwing all of this songs, messages, feeling and very valid opinions into a pile of “songs for haters :P” you’re missing the point of everything that they’re trying to say. They want to be heard, they need to be heard. They want things to change, but having a whole industry changing is not something that has really happened before.

  14. I appreciate her takes into artistic endevours with writing and i cant cant eait to see what she can bring to the table in the future however... However... Praising her for the calories thing is very weird to me personally because she is still a very skinny girl in an industry that demands people to skinny and is a idol who will always be skinny even if she allowed her self to gain weight. Its okay for her to tell her members to enjoy eating what they want in that moments but for us to priase her for it as if they don't diet like hell behind the scenes is rubbing off the wrong way. (Its not a seriouse opinion but i can't find the words rn to not make it sound so seriouse lol)

  15. I get that, and yeah, it’s not something that really is there since they still have to maintain a certain look and weight for both aesthetics and/or just cause. I just wanted to point it out since I found it cute and somewhat nice to hear a different opinion amongst the “calories, diet and how much weight, etc.” talk they were having that most idols do. I guess because it’s so rare to see lol, but no, I get where you’re coming from haha

  16. The only annoying part is that I can't use pyro or electro on them becaude that apparently cooks the coke

  17. not me realising after only using yanfei for these😭

  18. I feel like everyone knows and feels like they need a well deserved rest, the members have showed and said that they feel tired and indirectly asked for time off. Ni-ki should be able to go home with zero-work needs and spend time with his family in Japan, as well as Jake in Australia. The rest of the members need their time off as well. The better rested they are, the better they can work. They’ve been working non-stop for what it’s going to be their third year and well, it doesn’t seem that this year is getting less busier any time soon.

  19. Is Hanni the one with shorter pigtails?

  20. Some groups of HYBE aside bts and svt has had a somewhat show. TXT had 4 episodes of To-Do (ep.51-ep54), Enhypen has So So Fun, Le Sserafim had Day Off which it was kind of in a similar sitting yet still not as In the Soopie as In the Soop.

  21. There were two brians in day6 (neither one wants to be Brian though). Jae’s actual name is Brian Dennis Park but he’s gone by Jae for years. And young k is Brian but he doesn’t wanna be Brian either.

  22. Jungkook mentioned a specific drink once on VLive and then went back onto VLive to complain that they sold out💀

  23. school uniform outfits,, i'm not a fan of them on anyone but especially if they're full-grown adults 😭

  24. I think it depends for me 😭 for stages or certain concepts I hate it but… I loved when Enhypen wore their

  25. Sunghoon would just 🤨 and bicker and then understand

  26. They all seem to have a different 'imaginary' version of themselves that they fully believe is true. The part where we see the 5 girls turn into different things at the same time (like construction workers, ghosts, etc.) adds onto this theory.

  27. Hey Tayo vs Fever by Enhypen 👁️👄👁️

  28. When I first listened to Enhypen's Let me In, I thought it was so aggressive/dramatic for the lyric material. Imagine a boy just coming up to you and going "I'LL BE YOUR BOYFRIEND" 🗣🗣🗣"I'LL GIVE YOU MY BLOOD" 🗣🗣🗣

  29. It sounds awful without context 😭 their vampire concept and inspired by the movie Let Me In kinda makes it have more sense but lmao

  30. Everyone pronouncing Enhypen as Enhaiphen or Ènhnipen 😭😭😭

  31. i used to pronounce enhypen as "epipen" in my head💀

  32. I’d love for Enhypen to cover a girl group’s song. Idk which song but some song. Something refreshing. Maybe Into the New World by SNSD.

  33. Sunoo and Ni-ki would have a blast doing gg choreos

  34. Omg finally!! I’m so happy for you! I hope you enjoy a lot and have the most wonderful night. Cheer the boys for both you and me 🥹

  35. Ni-ki dancing to Twice songs will forever live in my head rent free 😭

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