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  1. I think it is. I got mine when I had a 40% coupon so it wasn’t as expensive. My skin has totally turned around, it’s not dull and it’s getting so nice and smooth. Pores looks so much smaller after 1 month of use everyday. I know it’s a high price but for the quality I love it. I will buy again when I run out. Has done the best in terms of fading my dark spots, I like it much better than Clinique Dark spot corrector.

  2. I only use one pump instead of 2 I feel like 2 pumps is too much.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the Tatcha lineup!! How do you like Cle De Peau Softening Cleansing Foam? I am using Lancôme creme-mousse Confort Cleanser it’s my favorite, but I got my eye on Cle De Peau.

  4. I have a full size 2oz bottle. I adore it, I love coconut and vanilla in this perfume so well done. Also I like the pretty gold bottle. My mom even bought a bottle because she loves the scent too! 👽💛

  5. Me tooo Apple Fritter 🍏😛💨

  6. I love Cloud by Ariana and Ari. Also love Britney Spears Fantasy. Now I’m digging the Eilish by Billie Eilish it smells good and my husband loves it when I wear it.

  7. wow they also have it again in stock on the EU website! thinking about buying a 2nd bottle as backup.

  8. Yes glad to hear that!! I hope they make this permanent to the Shalimar collection. I adore the vanilla it’s so good and unlike anything I’ve ever owned. I’m glad I don’t need much I want to use is sparingly too as it’s so amazing.

  9. Stop itttt I was signed up for email notifications and never got one!! Can you describe it? And let me know your other faves?

  10. Almost forgot! My other faves right now are Mugler Angel EDT, Mugler Alien EDT, Mugler Alien Goddess EDP. I also have a love for AG cloud. This is my first gown up fragrance I feel I have gotten so far and makes me feel proud to be in my 30s. My wishlist is: Mon Guerlain Intense, La Petite Robe Noire Intense and Chanel Coco Mad Intense.

  11. It’s cold and windy here in the Midwest. Wearing Eilish by Billie Eilish I love it.

  12. I got the email too! I missed it the first time bc I didn’t set an alarm. This time I will! My husband going to get it for part of my Christmas present. I read reviews says this is a vanilla bomb and that’s exactly what I want!! I can’t wait to snag this one. I love celebrity perfumes and for the price heck ya 💗☮️

  13. I LOVE Cloud. My skin brings out the sweetness and very cotton candy and vanilla on me and great lasting power. My mom loves it too she just bought herself a bottle too💗

  14. I missed it but plan on buying when it’s available again on her site.

  15. I love this one personally. It gets a lot of hate due to it doesn’t smell like classic Alien, but that’s why I like this so much bc I can’t handle the EDP of regular Alien. I love the coconut/vanilla combination. I understand it’s not everyone’s favorite but I’m loving it.

  16. I have some crude boys carts right now and I agree good flavor and good high. And a great price I got mine at gatsby 20 each. They hit smooth great hardware.

  17. Have you tried their GDP cart? If not I highly recommend it, the flavor is very grape and tastes fucking amazing!

  18. Yes I have it and I love it! I also love their Papaya Rosin strain and the Banana Munson is 🔥

  19. Angel Eau Croisière 2019 from Mugler. Tropical mango and sorbet but with a hint of patchouli.

  20. I want to try this one, I only have samples of Eau Croisiere 2020 and it doesn’t work well for me but the 2019 one sounds better mm mango!

  21. It was a freezing morning when I went out for my morning walk, so I wanted something exceptionally warm and boozy (yes, at 7am).

  22. I have a sample of Muse EDP I haven’t tried it yet I’m stuck on Angel EDT. I love Mugler perfumes!

  23. 33 Female, USA. I have been into fragrances my whole life smells have been and still are my favorite sense and brings me joy. My first perfume my mom bought me was Gloria Vanderbilt and it did not smell good to a 5th grader. Gave her the bottle.

  24. Yasss!!! Love it!! I need to try this flavor I’m basic white girl I love all Pumpkin spice why not LOL!

  25. 😻 love that strain name!! How is it? I get Monster in MI they are really good.

  26. Best cigarette of the day! It’s night where I am in USA. So I’m on my Nightime routine, smoked my camel Jade and now hitting indica vape to get nice and sleepy. 11pm here in USA.

  27. Juicy jay are great with the flavors. Personably I am a big fan of King Pam Mini Rolls hold one gram all you need to do is pack it. Comes with a nice packing tool too.

  28. Love it! Beautiful cat!! Maine Coon breed? My mom used to show cats and I thought these cats were so majestic and beautiful.

  29. Love it! Beautiful cat!! Maine Coon breed? My mom used to show cats and I thought these cats were so majestic and beautiful.

  30. You’re welcome. I had the same issue with my stomach it’s for sure not stomach cancer. Cbd helps me a lot when mixed with thc.

  31. I had the same problems but once I got regulated and feeling better the appetite for sure comes back I will tell you LOL!! Also I like Body Armor Lite it helped me more than Gatorade. I also drank water like a camel. If you can get CBD gummies or even the oil drops work great. My husband used CBD tea when he was in weed with drawl before bed and helped him a lot!

  32. Drink lots of water and do some walking helps to get calmed down.

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