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  1. you know youve been overbooked when 1 week off tv becomes "newsworthy"

  2. they told us the game would be down for 1 hour at update time, your fault for not being prepared

  3. I thought the poll was to increase xp from master/grandmaster to 50/100k per skill, Some of these only went up 25k

  4. Most of the World’s Footballs Come From Sialkot, Pakistan

  5. amazing how you can have zero growth and zero build up for most of your matches and win booker of the year, just goes to show how much of a JOKE this award is, and Dave.

  6. I hope they just say fuck it and give us nothing, teach people a lesson for being so entitled.

  7. At this point is this really a concern? TK can buy whoever he wants, it doesn't mean he will use them well. Anyone with a name that gets signed to AEW becomes less of a name, history shows.

  8. its kind of funny and a little sad how easy it is to spot a noobletsquid post

  9. When this was big my friend would bring his computer over and we would box each other in lvl 1 wildy overnight then wake up and kill each other for the loot, 76king was fun times lol

  10. Personally I would love to see chavo in the rey/dom storyline

  11. Smarks really go around saying WWE sucks while fantasizing about one of the most overdone matches in WWE

  12. Everyones a casual, why do you think AEW doesnt do any different even when they announce cross promotional matches ahead of time?

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