TRO Hearing Notes | 1.26.23 | Koons/Siegel Carry Lawsuit vs State of NJ

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  1. The background music tho. Brings me back to the days

  2. If you know someone who is born in Mainland China in 1980s, show them this video and turn the audio on. They will laugh and will tell you why they laugh.

  3. I believe I read somewhere before that the police cannot pull you over and give you a ticket simply because you don’t have a front plate. However, the police may add this along with the other violations that cause you being pulled over.

  4. I really want to know this master's YouTube channel, or Facebook or Instagram l, I want to follow him.

  5. Here is my experience from last year: cannot send the firearm by your self, you have to send if from FFL. And if the parts have two different serial number, you have to pay two transfer fee But you will not pay again when you pick up the firearm from them later.

  6. I sent one handgun, if I read the receipt correctly, it looks like a transfer to Sig and then a transfer back. Does this sound right?

  7. If you only send one firearm to sig, then you suppose only need one transfer fee. When they send it back to you, you don’t have to pay the transfer fee again, since it is still your firearm. This is what I experienced last year from TTC

  8. But NJ others already labeled “other” on the lower part, can we exchange the barrel and pin a stock? Or, there is no “other” anymore, it will be treated as a rifle if we exchange to a longer barrel?

  9. Or we bide our time and see what happens with lawsuits in the next 3 months...

  10. I had this problem once. And it was fixed by adjusting the connect iq app permissions to "always allow" instead of "only while I'm using the app"

  11. this may be the correct way, if you didn't set it as "always allow"

  12. I am a novice with firearms and just looking for a place to can get some pistol range time in. I live/work close by so it seems like a no brainer for me. How is the heating/cooling situation? I heard it’s hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Have the recent renovations helped?

  13. A little bit hot when I went there last summer, but not freezing cold in winter as I experienced.

  14. What are the work requirements? 8-10 hours a year?

  15. Haha I cannot answer that question because I always pay that extra $50 fine since I only did the mandatory one…

  16. I suggest to let the professionals to the right thing. The turnaround time may be long but you can at least make sure the they are doing it right without any concerns compare to do it by yourself.

  17. You said it is not a bad grouping? NOT A BAD?! NOT ! A ! BAD ?! It's a amazing grouping for a first time! You son did much better than I did when I was young.

  18. Submitted for my rifle on 10/13 around 5:00 pm and got the call this afternoon.

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