Hotel owner who threatened to keep my deposit because I left bad review threatened me with the police.

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  1. Neat, also this is the first time I've noticed a post from this subreddit so far up on

  2. Didn’t you have the house inspected? In any case, you prob have a clog down the line. Be prepared to drop $300 to have it cleared.

  3. He commented that the clog was fixed with a simple plunge, probably just too much TP in a flush.

  4. Did you get a home warranty? If not, go get drain snake and start spinning.

  5. He just said that he removed the clog, why would he snake it now?

  6. I had tried Sling a few years ago for post season baseball. It was unwatchable as well. I only use streaming services now and will not use or recommend Sling because of that.

  7. I've used it on and off for a few months here and there over the past few years for sports and really never had any problems.

  8. Bought my 98 foreman for $3k about 15 years ago. Do almost no maintenance on it. Runs like a top.

  9. You can block them, that’s what I did. I’ve asked admin multiple times why they even have the feature when it is so heavily abused and have received zero replies.

  10. Someone more suspicious and cynical than I might wonder if the 'deal' to be offered included a cash fine?

  11. It certainly includes court fees, even if reduced to zero points and no fine you'll still be out $100-200.

  12. Don’t cops rarely show up to these, and if they don’t show up it’s automatically dismissed?

  13. I don't wanna be that guy but the iPhone wasn't created by one guy. The feature that made the iPhone stand out was multi touch though. Along with the engineering put into the ipod, Apple made a technological revolution.

  14. What was multi touch used for besides pinch and zoom?

  15. And you can add Disney+ for $2.99 with this special

  16. Hmm I have the $1 Hulu price right now, good for 12 months from last promotion. How do you add Disney for $3?

  17. Does this years actually have FULL length dividers? Can you post a pic of it loaded up? Interested to see how a putter sits in that slot by the handle.

  18. The dividers are full length, but not for each individual club if that's what you want.

  19. So 14 way cuff but not 14 way dividers. Just like every year. I don’t understand this bag.

  20. Actually I'm an idiot. My bag is a 4 plus, so only has the four sections. Don't quote me on what this one has!

  21. Am in USA. Opened an InPrivate (incognito) window in Edge for Android, went to and started typing Xi. Second suggestion was "Xi Jinping*. When I continued typing his name, the suggestion changed to "Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh"

  22. I just tried using the Google search bar on my phone and it wouldn't suggest the Winnie part at all.

  23. Why all the john Daly attention this week? Isn't this his normal getup, etc...?

  24. That was a tweet from 2008. Probably not far off from todays diet though.

  25. "A scholar, content with life, encounters a Djinn who offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom. Their conversation, in a hotel room in Istanbul, leads to consequences neither would have expected"

  26. Does the scholar have to go into the genie bottle or something? I don't get what the "exchange" here is, it doesn't sound like the scholar gives up anything.

  27. Three wishes are granted, the genie is freed from the bottle / obligation.

  28. I don't think McDonalds around me pay minimum wage. They don't pay a living wage, but also don't pay minimum wage.

  29. This is super common for those working at call centers.

  30. Let me know where you can buy an AR!5 or AK47 style weapon anywhere in NYS. In addition, the Safe Act required any previously owned AR15 or AK47 style weapon to be registered...probably with the NYS police.

  31. Basically any gun shop in NY will have AR-15s available. They will be limited to selling you a 10 round mag, and it will also have a funny looking awkward to hold stock on it.

  32. It's just marinated meat. If you don't like meat, you won't like spiedies.

  33. Rib pit on front street has the best spiedies no doubt. I go for buffalo, but that's my personal preference.

  34. I'd look for a handyman for this project. A competent one will have no issues with this job and be more willing to take a small job.

  35. He didn't even live in the district for a year yet, and he got over a thousand votes to be on the school board?

  36. I don't blame maintenance for wanting to keep birds nests off of structures, but if you missed it so long that they actually hatched eggs I agree they should be left alone at that point.

  37. I did the same but my robin hasn’t laid any eggs yet. Think it’s too late?

  38. They will lay multiple sets of eggs each spring usually.

  39. KIBAGA Mason Bee House - Handmade Natural Bamboo Bee Hive Attracts Peaceful Bee Pollinators to Enhance Your Garden's Productivity - The for Garden Lovers

  40. That's for Mason bees though. I'd love something to attract the carpenter bees away from my shop soffit, but will probably just enclose them soon.

  41. Ok thanks for the tip, I was just going off the description. I might try one out.

  42. Death by a thousand paper cuts is still death. I've been a member since the "3 DVDs at a time" days. And I've bled enough.

  43. Same. $22 is too much. I might buy a single month once per year.

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