1. Old article about several years old comments. Things change.

  2. Actions speak louder than words. Erdogan is no friend to the west. We desperately need him to lose this election.

  3. I wouldn't say he is against us either. He seems to be for whatever benefits Turkey first. They have sent lots of armored vehicles and drones to Ukraine, though, and helped do the grain deal. That all benefits them as well, though.

  4. Finally realizing this war has bigger implications outside the borders of Ukraine?

  5. Well that's a new tactic.... interesting.

  6. It was pointed out Russians were doing that at least 2 weeks ago. Ukrainians must have some check in place now or they were coming from an area where they were not.

  7. I won't become that rich but it would allow me to get a bigger house for the family and a bit of cushion. Other than that it wouldn't change much. I'd save what I could for the future.

  8. What does that have to do with a military defence alliance?

  9. If he wants it better he can pay for a professional landscaper

  10. They tend to get overturned themselves a lot. You can save a few by flipping them while you are at it.

  11. I mean I'm sure they would help some if you want to try now...

  12. Newark keeps thinking how can we make this town shittier.

  13. Canna Care is another one. They aren't picky. Just pay their fee as insurance doesn't cover them, provide the medical documents to check the boxes, and you get your prescription. They'll walk you through everything that is needed.

  14. Thank you! Do you know if what type of documents I’ll need to provide?

  15. I got it for pain so had to provide documents about my broken neck. If you doctor has an online portal you can just grab from there.

  16. Anchor cabinet to wall(i did one or 2 screws underneath sink), even out legs, and caulk up top and it won't split

  17. Any tips on how to anchor? It’s all tile behind the cabinet.

  18. Find the stud from above the tile and try to trace it down. Is there part of the tile that's not visible underneath the cabinet you can use a diamond tipped drill bit to put a hole through? Then just use a wood screw.

  19. The plaster side is the original framing and probably more important. Maybe frame it like a mini door though.

  20. Probably Russian himself. Russians like to invade far left and far right groups to drive more divide in USA.

  21. Oh it's you again coming back 4 days later. Nope I got a nice small paver patio done by myself for 1/4 the cost of "professionals" who wouldn't even show and give a quote. It's been working great and being utilized a lot. And after that I had to fix my mom's brick patio which was done 5 years earlier by "professionals." The paver panels work just fine for a small simple paver patio for DIY which this person is.

  22. Bakhmut will be lost. Just hope they can cause a lot more damage to Russians than it is costing. I believe Ukraine is saving their well trained reserves for their offensive. Not fair to the guys at the front though.

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