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  1. What about nine million socially-conscious and unified citizens, all just stepping up and doing their part?

  2. That would take a worthy cause. But people improving themselves individually in their day to day lives? That can be done quickly and easily if people just motivate themselves to do it.

  3. Bravo. Spoken like a child who has no sympathy for anyone but themselves. I tried posting a whole response to everything you said but reddit wouldn't allow it, so I'm just going to try to see if something short will go through. Simply put, freedom is only for you, not for others. And women are sluts, but the other party, men, are just doing what's natural and deserve no blame.

  4. See, here's the thing. You couldn't reply because I blocked you. You were being disrespectful, mischaracterizing my argument and other unrelated political stances, and generally engaging in the worst kinds of debate. And now you have confessed to circumventing that block in order to continue harassing me. So, at this point I'm going to leave it in the hands of the moderators. I've already screenshotted everything I need as proof. So, now this issue is between you and the moderators. I'm done engaging with you.

  5. I don't oppose same sex marriage. If it makes them happy, more power to them. But I do oppose the excessive commercialization and politicization of gay rights. I feel it demeans homosexuality because homosexual people deserve equality. Not to be forcibly put on a pedestal or prioritized over others.

  6. What kind of zombies? Are we talking realistic shambling corpses, or the fantasy sprinters? Or, are we going high fiction and having a left 4 dead/back 4 blood scenario with super mutants?

  7. Sorry man, we all know Florida is where the zombie apocalypse starts.

  8. Then it's the start and the end. You don't seem to realize the value of swampland in a scenario like this. Crocodiles and alligators often eat rotten flesh as it is. We can feed the zombies to them. And the swamps would be an ideally defensible position. They would slow down approaching threats and make it harder for them to hide. And the humidity and heat in Florida would even serve to accelerate the decay of the walking dead as they wander aimlessly.

  9. I don't think it would be in their best interests honestly. I mean, every time they unvault something, their sales skyrocket. Plus they already have a great plan going with their platinum discount structure encouraging pretty frequent sales.

  10. I'm fairly new to the game, only about 150 hours and MR13. Maybe my perspective isn't nuanced enough. By the way, where did you get 10k plat!? lol. Maybe it'd be a better idea to add the crafting time perks I suggested originally to the middle/high tier prime access? What do you think?

  11. Considering that crafting times are one of the major ways DE exercises player retention, i doubt they would want to do that. You can't buy plat if you finish all the content early.

  12. Personally? I live in Florida, and every time major outlets declare a "surge in covid cases" I never see it reflected in my day to day life. Maybe one in twenty people are still wearing masks around here and we're doing great. Businesses are open, the economy is running smoothly, and we've all basically forgotten about covid and consider it to no longer be an immediate issue.

  13. I don't resent dating. Hell, I don't even resent women for living their lives as they see fit. If there is something I resent, it's the media influence that has brought us here.

  14. Yeah. Are you? I'm just stirring the pot by saying shit people are uncomfortable with acknowledging. It's fun.

  15. This question has a lot of layers to cover, and I doubt that anyone would read everything if I typed out an exhaustive response.

  16. I would like to know more about the techniques men are using to identify undesirable traits in women

  17. I mean, I could certainly introduce you to a few sources of information that you might enjoy.

  18. I'm straight, so the obvious answer is "nice ass".

  19. Preach! This shit has been so normalized. These women are prostitutes of the modern day. If I wanted to pay for sex, my town has a whole street for that. And their cosplays are probably better too because I live near Disney.

  20. My biggest advice, and probably the most important you will ever receive, is to choose extremely carefully where you put the litter box. That smell can be horrendous, and it will linger. If left unattended, it will smell of ammonia and become dreadful. You want to pick a place where the smell will either be dealt with, or isolated.

  21. Thank you for the advice, I can never quite figure out where litter boxes should go.

  22. They also make cat boxes that have convenient methods for sifting the litter built into them. A fair few of them are awful and don't work, but if you look into it, there are some that work well and save you a lot of time and effort cleaning up after your cat.

  23. So, the bill you're referring to is a waste of time and tax payer dollars. It's an idiot in political office teying to win social points for "striking back" at the recent SCOTUS decision with something ridiculous that he knows nobody is ging to approve.

  24. Okay, we can all agree that Amber Heard is a POS, but did y’all not see her in Aquaman?? 🥵🤤😍 She’s hot af as a redhead.

  25. Ok. So when she's in a costume and full studio makeup she can be attractive? What about the other 99% of the time?

  26. Amber Heard. Just has a serious case of "resting bitch face" that makes me despise her. I have never seen her look attractive in anything.

  27. So it’s not the scars, it’s that the scars break the 4th wall so to speak? Makes you think about their personality and how you don’t like vanity?

  28. Well, I wouldn't personally consider that to be a "cosmetic" surgery then. On the surface level, it serves the function of helping you to fit in better, and draw less attention to a physical feature that interfered with your personal relationships.

  29. Are you against all scars? I have a burn scar from an iron when I was 4 on my hand? And some on my ears, one from a rogue fishhook and two from jaw surgery? What about stretch marks, birthmarks, general blemishes, and moles? Tattoos? I’m curious how this eagle eye plays out on the skin.

  30. It's just that noticing the scars makes identifying the operations they've undergone easier. And some cosmetic practices I just find particularly foul. Like using fat from the buttocks as lip fillers.

  31. It's more committal, so he probably feels a stronger connection or attraction to you. Basically, he's investing more into his first attempt because he's hoping for a better result.

  32. I mean, if it makes you self conscious, then sharing that with him is a sign of trust. I'm sure he would appreciate the gesture regardless.

  33. So... I main loki and outclass most people of MR20 or higher I match with. A 300 HP/Shield MR15 Loki dying less then hyper tanky MR20 Rhinos. When people told me that Sevagoth absolutely required 10+ forma I made him powerful enough for hard mode with 5 forma on main frame and 2 on shaodw. This was before the 7 forma sevagoth builds came out on YouTube.

  34. So, you're comparing a frame that can stealth to a frame that eats bullets? What's next? Comparing the soma to the skana?

  35. You are within the war within. It's withinception.

  36. The obvious answer would be the tenora/tenora prime. Her signature gun. It gets bonus stats when she uses it.

  37. It ramps up with continuous fire, and if I'm not mistaken, it ramps up faster on octavia. I believe the other benefit is bonus crit chance. So, it'w actually a pretty good gun. Especially for single target damage, which is Octavia's one major weak point overall. Not weak, by any metrics, but if you had to pick out a flaw for Octavia as a warframe, it would be that she can take a minute to kill tankier enemies. The tenora beautifully covers that point.

  38. I disagree with the notion that something doesn't exist until it is acknowledged. Fundamentally, it doesn't make sense. The explorers and pioneers of history did not "create" the continents they discovered. They stumbled upon them, and the trees, dirt, grass, animals... They all existed before they arrived. They were in the midst of their own life cycle and survival.

  39. As you lack a uterus, might I suggest keeping your mouth shut?

  40. I also haven't killed anyone, but I know that murder is wrong. So no, I don't think I will.

  41. So you're unable to tell the difference between a clump of cells & a human being?

  42. See, science is easy for me. That's why I understand that life has stages, and a fertilized egg cell is just a stage of human life. Just like how a caterpillar will eventually become a butterfly.

  43. I am of the opinion that a real man doesn't give a shit about some stupid "man card" nonsense.

  44. If it would be use for the right goal. Like make our civilization work. Not some pocket.

  45. So, you think that crowd sourcing can fix society?

  46. I think the wikipedia model is subject to popular bias, over actual fact. Nobody is fact checking the people who make edits. There are many pages on Wikipedia that are factually wrong because of this, and also because of ideological bias from the wikipedia staff themselves. They claim to be neutral, but many people have tested this and the results have come back with a degree of bias every time. So, while the concept is good, the execution is severely lacking.

  47. Friendship is what I consider loyalty to someone based on personal feelings and mutually enjoyable companionship. Love is much deeper than that. Love is when you can't imagine a day without that person in your life. You don't ask "when can we hang out again?" about someone you love. The answer is any time. You are always welcomed.

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