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  2. I'm pretty sure they changed it to only team leads last year

  3. Good point. Do you know if it's possible to trade cards to a different ptcgo account, migrate that one, then when ptcgo closes, migrate the first account and combine them?

  4. nope, you can not merge live accounts. or migrate two PTCGO accounts to the same live account

  5. Is there any chance you're willing to part with it?

  6. I'm afraid not, it's in my psychic gym leader challenge deck along with the other six textured energies and will remain there as long as I play the format.

  7. Report it to the ethics hotline. you have been threatened with corrective action for what amounts to you refusing to fraudulently misrepresent targets metrics. hrbp will have a field day with this.

  8. Run a tool scrapper or lost vacuum?

  9. the problem with that is those are both reactive plays a smart Mew player will not place down the tool until they're ready to use it so the best course of action against that would be disruption cards but Mew has already proved that simple disruption will not stop them from achieving their game plan.

  10. oh man there's no arguing with anime logic you are so right.

  11. My point is don't decide on one stat. Alain is stronger than ash, it's just correct. Likewise, zoroark has seen play for some time, and has won multiple titles-it just hasn't won a regional

  12. you do play the TCG right? those cards both released in the exact same set (lost origin, September 2022) and Goodra is objectively outperforming zoroark in Premier events.

  13. if you haven't already make sure you pull out all the battle VIP passes and scoop up nets because you can sell those for four or five dollars each

  14. the indent on the bottom corner would be considered damaged by any reputable grading company and would have its maximum score lowered significantly PSA does this for even small dents and indentations and will score cards that have those damages at a maximum of 6 regardless of the condition of the rest of the card.

  15. it's very likely hacked or cloned what are the ivs? and nature

  16. There's no rules text saying you can breathe autonomously, so your character is dead.

  17. Probably not their photo, this card doesn’t release for another month ish

  18. I can only fight the top 8, which are mostly Regis. If that’s representative of the meta then it makes sense why Arc Goodra would win. This list is weird IMO but if it works it works

  19. Maybe I’ve not played a lot of great Regi players but I honestly don’t understand how it places so we’ll

  20. it hits three very important weaknesses and can one hit knock out any (playable) Vmax that doesn't hold a big charm also you're not going to see many Regi players playing online as one of the key components to the deck gift energy is currently banned due to programming errors.

  21. That's usually because of a lot of humidity being in the air. I had to buy a dehumidifier to stop mine from curling.

  22. Nice edit there, first you give the wrong advice and act like it never happened.

  23. this type of warping is from high humidity, the foiling doesn't allow the front of the card to expand when it gets humid.

  24. IKR and I was already pulling for bob odenkirk now I fear Bob doesn't stand a chance.

  25. o7 how's Knollwood doing these days. I miss it. Is Victor Still there?

  26. Yup, he is still here. One of like 7 people who I know have been here longer, I'm at 3 years.

  27. That man is a beast. Tell him Jaime (former TL) says hi.

  28. the first regional of a new meta is usually pretty undefined, with many players playing comfortable decks from previous metas using small tweaks. the meta won't have much of a chance to settle down before silver tempest releases on the 11th. so we may not get to fully explore the SSH-LOR meta before we enter SSH-SIT on Nov.25

  29. Honestly I copied the Rain Dance list from the “Getting Started” as their comment was that it was the quintessential water deck. But there are a good number of cards that can tutor up the energy to hand or get them back from the bin. And with the Inteleon line, it should be even easier to grab the energy I need.

  30. Check out trickygyms discord we have all sorts of great water lists and trainers that know their shit there!

  31. I kept my MN pay when moving to Florida (+$3 at the time) and everyone I know who has transferred stores in the past few years has kept their base pay even if it was higher than our current store.

  32. most of GTT pokemon league is 25+ you must have been there on one of the weeks we took off.

  33. The confusion would be blocked and you will still remain asleep.

  34. I use it in a few decks. Works real well with my His Arcanine deck. And that requires me to discard. Having the chance to draw 4 cards at the end of your turn seems like an amazing idea for this one.

  35. it's draw until you have four total cards in your hand, usually pretty bad for this deck as you're always trying to have a big hand. it's especially bad because you take your prizes during the attack step so you would take prizes before this ability activates.

  36. Wouldn’t four cards a turn, for the placement of just one, be worth it? I don’t know what Feebas or GX brings. Slowly making my way from Standard to Expanded

  37. you should read the card again, you can only draw if you have less than four cards in your hand and then you draw untill you have four. it's not an additional four on top of your hand

  38. wow it's amazing what will happen when people actually cut down their boxes.

  39. Referencing this ruling I would say unequivocally no!

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