HP has turned their printers into ransom devices. I will never buy an HP again.

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  1. My 9 year old asked me to make lavender syrup and then put it into club soda. I was sceptical at first, by I have to agree that it's delicious.

  2. I only like the slightest hint of cumin. I think too much and it tastes like how a sweaty armpit smells

  3. I love the taste of it. And cooked it's fine. But yeah I'm with you on that BO smell. It's unmistakable

  4. Who's doing the enforcement of the roles? I bet you it is the mothers themselves who want their daughters to follow on their footsteps. I, as a dude myself don't care one bit one way or the other.

  5. Again. You're missing the point. No matter who is doing the enforcement of roles it's wrong. Let alone it's a violation of bodily autonomy for a cosmetic procedure.

  6. I agree its an unnecessary cosmetic procedure that girls end up doing anyways as they grow older.

  7. Great! So let them do it when they're old enough to decide to rather than forcing it on them

  8. The pop culture references to Pittsburgh seems to be mostly negative like "why would anyone want to live in Pittsburgh?" The only positive one I remember is Shane Botwin in Weeds and it's semi-sarcastic

  9. Period of being a Wallflower? The movie at least makes Pittsburgh look really cool

  10. It’s not at all an accurate materialist analysis. It’s incredibly simplistic and decontextualized. I’m kind of floored: what you said is so unbelievably dismissive and disrespectful of actual comrades who have done so much for so many real people. Not to mention, these people have achieved way more than you or any of these other adolescents sititing around superciliously shitposting in this dumb sub.

  11. I generally agree with you that there's a lot we can learn from some previous socialist experiments. But the whole "I’m kind of floored: what you said is so unbelievably dismissive and disrespectful of actual comrades who have done so much for so many real people" is just ridiculous. The corruption of the dictators in previous socialist experiments is not absolved by their accomplishments.

  12. Finally, a nuanced take that sees both the good and the bad, and is willing to learn from it for future socialist experiments.

  13. Don't give me too much credit. I wouldn't consider the USSR socialist. They were impressive. But they were imperialist as well.

  14. Smh my head that's why I just say I'm a leftist. The only people I get specific with Is well nobody to be honest. Almost everyone I know IRL hates politics and the ones who somewhat tolerate it are libs at best so to them there's no difference between a socialist or a libertarian socialist or communist or an anarchist. We're all just fucking nerds

  15. Dude try saying Anarcho-syndicalist. I get the weirdest looks if it comes up. Low key kinda fun.

  16. Tbh I get the feeling that at a certain point, "good" schools have more to do with the quality of the students than funding. I did a lot of math competitions back in high school and many of the top students were from Jersey, but I think that is largely because of the high percentage of Asians there (Asian immigrants typically place a strong emphasis on education).

  17. You are partially right. Students who have parents who are invested in their education are more likely to succeed educationally even if they're from areas with poorer schools. This requires parents who have the time, energy, and education themselves to help their children. And this isn't even considering children with only one parent.

  18. Surprised nobody is talking about Pittsburgh. If you want to live in a smaller town with big lots but closer to a major city, you can do so a lot more cheaply around Pittsburgh than around Philly. Plus it’s just a cool city. And surrounded by a lot more natural and rugged terrain than Philly which is surrounded by lots and lots of suburbs and farmland.

  19. Yeah my votes in this area. You can get some nice big space with pretty good schools for cheap in lower Beaver county. Like the Moon/Sewickley/Coraopolis regions. Zelienople and Cranberry TWP/Mars are also probably right up their alley but also more expensive.

  20. Any American who doesn't wash their rice is just bad at cooking. Like do you want good fluffy rice?

  21. You can boil rice without washing it and it gets pretty fluffy. I do that when I want to save the left over rice water for other things.

  22. I'm sorry did you just imply that you cook rice like pasta and have leftover "rice water"...

  23. This is a very big talking point in the US and was accepted science really until this study came out and made headlines.

  24. It was generally talked about like depression was caused by unbalanced serotonin levels. SSRIs fix it so it must be low serotonin levels right? All the study said was that depression probably isn't caused by low serotonin levels. Unless you're talking about another bombshell study?

  25. Im confused what you are confused about lol. Yeah that is what we are talking about here. A meta analysis was released showing there is no evidence depression is caused by low serotonin levels and that therefore SSRIs which increase those levels are not a useful way of treating depression.

  26. I've worked as a marketer in three engineering companies and I've always been told that you can't call anyone an engineer unless they have a PE. It's literally against the law in the US.

  27. This is laughably untrue. My job title is systems engineer and I don't have a PE. Engineer is a protected title in Texas but I think that's it in the US

  28. What is the fundamental difference between software and a piece of persuasive writing? A lot of thought goes into both. But ultimately neither one interacts with the physical world (I know software controls physical stuff of course, but so does written word- if your boss writes you an email to tell you to do something, you do it). I mean, there may be some very niche engineering concepts in software, like “will this software cause this machine to fail from overheating,” but the rest of it is essentially a kind of writing.

  29. Tankies have this super annoying habit of believing that liberalism is what enables fascism (no liberalism = no fascism according to tankies). It's a slippery slope argument where both A and B in this picture become indistinguishable. It's a psychological defense mechanism (compartmentalization) to justify authoritarian and totalitarian dictatorships as good for the average person.

  30. Well yeah liberals do enable fascism though? Like we see them "reaching across the aisle" all the time except on the other side of the aisle are fascists. Yes, harm reduction is good, and I will consistently vote for the lesser evil as long as I am forced to do so in our current form of democracy. But it's hard to ignore that liberals have been enabling the fascists especially as of late. At the very least they're just trying to ignore them and hope they go away.

  31. I guess by definition I’m a Democratic socialist even though I’d like to think I’m a libertarian (lowercase “l).

  32. That's social democrat, not democratic socialism. Dem socs hate capitalism. Soc dems are generally fine with it with some stipulations. Libertarian was actually originally another term for democratic socialists.

  33. I believe r/ completeanarchy is just for no rules on the sub or something.

  34. I believe r/ completeanarchy is just for no rules on the sub or something.

  35. The ideal hasn’t been changed. Was it lived up to? Hell no. But the ideas that America’s founding founded fathers wanted are good ideals. They wanted all mankind to be free to pursue their happiness. The bad part was that they didn’t consider everyone a human. Women and other races were excluded not by the language but by the beliefs of the time. The actual writing in your constitution isn’t racist. The people writing laws “based” on it at the time were. Remember the ideal matters and you keep reaching for it even when others fell short and you do as well as long as you push towards it it gets closer every day.

  36. Dude the original constitution considered slaves (black people) as three fifths of a person...

  37. No it didn’t. I may not be true American but the constitution says nothing about that. That came about during the 1800’s as part of a representation and taxation debate about whether slaves counted as people. The slave heavy states wanted to count them for population but not taxation. Everyone compromised with the 3/5ths Compromise which was a precursor to the divide that led to the American Civil War.

  38. 172.16.x.x would have done the trick

  39. Yeah that's what I would've done for something like this. Don't want to "dox" someone by using a real ip? Just use an IP that no one can own. Even better just use 169.254.x.x. looks better than and still won't accidentally harm someone.

  40. Enjoy your cancer pesticide.

  41. Implying that the use of Glyphosate which is crucial when dealing with GMOs and grains in general like oats cause an unnecessary risk just to save money in production.

  42. You do know there's more to GMOs than just the glyphosate resistant ones? Yes that is a major use of GMOs; to make them resistant to glyphosate. But that's not the only use of GMOs.

  43. Aldi can be hit or miss. If it's in season and a fresh shipment it's usually pretty good. Their vegetables are usually pretty good. Any time I've bought berries from there they were bad

  44. You're probably not far off! It's about the journey there too 😊

  45. i think this is the perfect time for a divisive screed about how 22lr and steel plates are just as good and if you disagree you hate poor people

  46. I'm new here. Am I missing something? Wouldn't an accurate shot with a 22lr be just as effective as an accurate shot with an AR? I'm not super knowledgeable about guns. Mostly just used my 22 for protecting the garden from groundhogs and the occasional sport shooting. Any community defense I'd be doing if it comes to that would be shotgun slugs. But wouldn't the 22 also be effective?

  47. This is a ridiculous definition though for how we typically use the word vegan.

  48. We should be teaching this in HS biology.

  49. Seriously. Having some sort of section in the introductory biology course that most people have to take on human development and common differences in that development would probably help people quite a bit.

  50. Did you even read the article Punk? Answer: because the Elites want it all. They will seize all assets and leave the citizenry with nothing. They will decide what we are permitted to have. Incidentally this article was published in 2018, so the crisis has already happened (CovID) of course.

  51. Oh so that's what communism is? It's when the 'elites' own it all? Seems like they were able to gather up power unfettered because of capitalism

  52. Capitalism allows anyone to grow wealth. If you educate yourself wisely (avoiding taking theater for instance) get a job, and work hard, save & invest-you can grow wealth. Anyone can get an education in this day and age. However that I presume will end very soon.

  53. So presumably, capitalism also allows people to grow unfettered wealth and power and amass it all to themselves.

  54. Brother makes the best printers. My dad used a laser printer that I think was from 2005. It worked until 2020. It broke and he decided it wasn't worth it to fix so he bought an HP. He regrets that daily. I have a brother and it's simple and just works

  55. which technology is bad? Even the discovery of nuclear weapons led to nuclear power stations. It's not the technology that is evil, it's how people use it.

  56. I'm not going to say technology is bad. I would say at worst/best technology is value neutral. But I'm also of the opinion that most technology isn't value neutral. Specific technologies are created with a value in mind. For example, nuclear power would generally be value positive I think because it came about from a desire for better power sources. It did however come about as a result of something that I would say is value negative.

  57. Surgeons exploit too, they overcharge for services & think they walk on water

  58. In what way are surgeons exploiting? Surgeons and doctors are very often still working class. They're not charging exorbitant amounts, the hospitals are.

  59. R u saying surgeons don't overcharge & make millions themselves??? Who r u kidding?? Working class OMG 😲

  60. If they're making their money through their labor rather than through ownership and investment, then they are working class.

  61. Until ranked choice voting is the standard system in the US, no third party will have a chance of winning more than a couple seats total

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