1. With Badiashile playing like the love child of Silva, what are the plans with Fofana when he’s fit? Champions league games exclusively?

  2. Silva can’t play every game either, rotation I imagine

  3. Just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s overpriced.

  4. Can’t seem to shake off defenders as you have an incredibly weak front 3 (literally).

  5. Nah mbappe TOTY is the most end game card lol. Even when crazy 99 cards come out in August he will still be top5 in the game

  6. Ye tbh i dont find him that much different than payet 🙏🏼 Skill issue?

  7. Bro it’s Jan how can you be talking about endgame

  8. Yeah I might get him to link Mbappe but then I also want Mane to link Davies and Koulibaly

  9. Then you’ve answered your Q, Ramos and Mane it is

  10. I may be wrong but I think the objective expires by then?

  11. Yep they do. You had to win 7/12 to get the second token card

  12. All objectives expire at the season expiration, always been the case

  13. Just sell, his value won’t go up at all and will just continue to slowly drop

  14. Almost there bro, just need a LM.

  15. Yeah but Ramos 0 Chem is part the issue, tempted to just run gold hakimi with him.

  16. I’ve seen people 500+ get nothing. Kane alone makes it a W

  17. What do you mean? You’ve just literally had good pack luck

  18. Ngl bailly WW. I had him and so often he gets caught out by mbappe or the likes. Nice team tho

  19. TOTY, You’ve grinded SBC maldini, Zidane, kroos and Ramos. I’d be disappointed with that team finishing below div 2/11 wins minimum

  20. Ah my favourite player Xavi alonso, heard he’s pretty good at managing Barca too

  21. Nope ea is useless with stuff, won’t be overturned as transfer bans are set in stone 99.9%

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