1. I donโ€™t think anything above 30fps is really noticeable by your eyes and worth the hassle.

  2. yeah and you cant tell the difference between 3mph and 300mph in a car so no point driving fast. ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. I am on the 2020 version with 2070 and the shot hit the fan this Friday ๐Ÿ™ƒ Keyboard randomly dies on me even tho it perfectly functions in bios, cpu just refuses to go up from the 1.7 GHz and everything else is fucked and the control center just refuses to increase the CPU tdp even after I installed/reinstalled it bunch of times I will never recommend gigabyte to anyone ever again just off this shitty software

  4. And even after reinstalling windows without it you can get perminantly locked onto a setting that was last turned on when you had it open.

  5. You should go into the Auto contribute settings and turn off "show non-verified sites". Brave does not autocontribute BAT to non-verified creators.

  6. any way to do this with a selection or pasted layer?

  7. Actually, next step would be to hot swap nvidia drivers for LHR cards.

  8. Just realized you can't do this automatically because the game will be running when it happens ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Saved my day๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  10. Go to advanced keybindings and look for:

  11. For 300 million dollars surely they could afford to build content or at least polish what they have. Yeah sure, spend 10 years building new tech but come on thats more money than many AAA titles make in their lifetime! Thats a LOT of money and they are now behind on tech int he gaming industry since they spend so long building core systems that run slower than ones that are becoming plug and play in main stream engines.

  12. PhysX is open source, even if they used it it wouldn't be a vendor lock.

  13. From memory physX disables itself if it detects an adm card even tho the amd cards can run it.Even if you have an nvidia card in the system as well.

  14. I have to reboot every time it sleeps. Every time without fail. It has sound when the TV wakes up but then when the soundbar takes over from earc there is no sound again.

  15. Why should it be open source? They provide a great service while having complete control of the source code. People have got to get over this "open source apps are better than closed source apps".

  16. 1password extension has access to all data on web pages and the ability to see everything you do online. With all the privacy concerns about being tacked all over the internet nobody really talks about the fact that 1password can bypass all tracker bockers build in or otherwise.

  17. mine wont go full screen. It WAS full screen but then I set it to windowed fullscreen and now when I change it back it will not go proper fullscreen.

  18. Yeah i get it that i need to upgrade if i want it. But im poor

  19. Yeah I been there dude. 20 and 30 series cards are about to get cheaper tho. 40 series is coming out and there is too many 30 series cards left on the market. Keep an eye out for some 2nd hand 20 series cards they'll probably be getting sold off as people buy the 30s and 40s.

  20. Dang. Only thing I can suggest is join a local pc gear group on Facebook and see if any bargains pop up. Local gamer communities sell things a bit cheaper in my experience. Actually, you can probably go use geforce now and play it for free using their rtx hardware. They have a free plan go check it out.

  21. just happened to me now after I spend half a day customizing everything to run macros etc. I am so gutted.

  22. Is there anything that let's you pay with nfc and Bitcoin tho? Even if there is an app there are hardly any business accepting it as currency.

  23. So dark mode and night shift are kind of tied together. For those running night shift from sunset to sunrise try changing to a custom time for the next night and see if night shift and dark mode enable at that time together correctly. If they do then itโ€™s a temporary idea to use and just incrementally change it every few days back 15 mins.

  24. I just gave up with the default Mac settings downloaded

  25. night shift enabled just turns on night shift without affecting dark mode for me. dark mode turns on about 1.5 hours after it gets dark in my case.

  26. my spacebar is making a squeaking noise really annoying me any suggestions for that?

  27. I use this all the time on windows its pretty much the whole reason for using it. SO guess I have to get something else for mac any suggestions?

  28. So far I've thought the battery life was insanely good! Until I had two 1hr zoom meetings.

  29. wow, 3 years later there's no fix? No resolution scaling settings no proper fullscreen nothing. Stuck having to play it in windows mode in a tiny window.

  30. sometimes it worked out of nowhere, with no settings changed. it seems to be really fucky. if you want it to work 100% time change your monitor resolution from the nvidia control panel when you want to play

  31. actually I found that changing my resolution to 1440p and back again somehow makes the game be able to full screen 1080p

  32. If you just want to move the game files and don't care about moving the launcher:

  33. In principle yes, there are a few things to be aware of such as when you do your tax return you can't claim on tax the after tax contributions that you're using to get the co-contribution, the extra amount you receive is dependent on your annual taxable income being under the cap and you be of working age.

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