1. Let's settle with "the game was trash, but combatwise gameplay was good".

  2. We have an entire aisle dedicated to coffee makers at the store. There MIGHT be a single electric kettle available. I wouldn't know. I have never looked. I don't own a kettle. Don't plan to either. I literally can't drink tea. Produces an involuntary gag reflex. TBF I don't drink coffee either.

  3. Interesting. Do americans in general drink tea a lot? We do in eastern Europe and Russia, I would even call myself a tea fiend.

  4. Almost none. Coffee is more typical hot beverage of choice. Americans can be as snobby about their coffee as Brits about their tea.

  5. We typically drink 1-2 cups of coffee and 3-5 cups of tea per day.

  6. A happy end, I guess. Bastards got the easy way out. We probably won't be so lucky.

  7. It will improve your vocabulary and colloquial English understanding but that's it. It won't help much with writing and speaking.

  8. Chechnya was de facto independent in 1996-1999 after the first chechen war and nothing happened with the rest of the regions. So I doubt it.

  9. Nothing happened in other regions because Yeltsin launched a devastating war to keep Chechnya from leaving. If Russia allowed Chechnya to leave peacefully, other regions might have have attempted independence as well.

  10. And because of that it was the best moment to attempt independence. Russian government and military couldn't afford another civil war on its territory. But still nothing happened.

  11. Eh... I get what you mean but at the same time not working on it would open up development for something new. Remember, we've only seen one new IP from Bioware since 2009. And that was Anthem which really didn't work out too great.

  12. On the other hand do we really need anything from the modern bioware? I'd say good riddance.

  13. It's bad for your health and general well being in the long term.

  14. What's good for country is good for you.

  15. That is probably going to be an epitaph of human civilization.

  16. It's perfectly readable. When I write it's usually undecipherable.

  17. Technically it isn't. Generally there is more freedom about word order in Russian than in English, but often different order means different emphasis.

  18. Это скорее украинизм. Может, на Полесье и употребляется, но я не слышал.

  19. моя бабушка из Гомеля так говорит,

  20. На белорусском глаза - вочы. Так что да, какой-то, видимо, русско-украино-белорусский суржик.

  21. If I understand correctly what you mean, then It'll be something like "Урок искусства" UPD: when speaking about the school subject, it is often referred just as "Изобразительное искусство", without класс word

  22. Художественный класс, курсы рисования, скорее.

  23. You should consider that this game is a sham. It has about 20-30 hours of content worth playing and 2-3 times more of that is just repetitive collection of useless stuff. The tricky part of it is distinguishing one from another.

  24. I liked DAI over all. It was the 2nd best Dragon Age after Origins so far.

  25. It looks like the right diode is flipped the wrong way.

  26. Thank you, it works with the right diode flipped. Guess they did a mistake on the schematic :) Thanks a lot!! <3 <3

  27. You are welcome. Mistakes are not uncommon in datasheets sadly.

  28. It's a nice game but it feels like a meaningless filler episode. They should have diched all that collectors stuff and expanded the war with the Reapers for two games. ME3 alone had no room for that scale of events.

  29. All Bank Visa and Mastercard working perfectly on all ATM in Russia.

  30. As far as I know only the cards issued by russian banks work, no?

  31. XD, you put a pixel on it every 5 minutes, and people normally draw flags in the canvas

  32. Hey, it's actually pretty fun when coordinated. People make plans for flag or pixel-art, make alliences with neighbours and fend off attacks (or attack someone together), and this all is pretty silly fun.

  33. Nothing wrong with liking it, it's just not my cup of tea, I guess.

  34. I guess it sucks to be Alistair, eventually he will have both.

  35. You can ask Alistair about that in Origins and he said he never got to the lyrium part, so it's not an issue.

  36. This and “desk jockey” both refer to someone who has a desk job, but the nuance of preferring working at a desk/computer isn’t there.

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