1. I don't share this sentiment. She is far too good to be working on The Witcher. A debatable finale of a single episode doesn't change the fact that she handled the rest very well.

  2. She hasn't watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. I mean wtf?! Spectacle over substance ruined Game of thrones in the end

  3. Is there something this guy can't do? He is an astronaut, a doctor, a electrician and now also politician.

  4. As if Alex Jones is ever NOT going nuclear

  5. His tin foil hat will need a tin foil hat this time.


  7. In the books both sides are monsters. The show didn't want to give us evil female characters. We will see in Season 2 how it goes on. In GoT people loved it to hate cersei

  8. When reading the book, my fave character was Criston Cole so seeing westerling alive in the show was an insult to Coles character because Cole was supposed to be Lord Commander… that’s why I don’t like him. Meh, tbh I don’t like a lot of things about the show but seeing him alive just annoys me.

  9. I didn't read the books, but I've heard that Cole was an intelligent character in the books no psychopath like in the show. They called him kingsmaker. I don't get it why the show gave us a stupid cole that can't control himself.

  10. Such high profile actor and so little screen time. Its like they casted The Rock to play Casterly Rock. Makes no sense...

  11. Would've been great if he and Erryk Would've arrived together to crown the black queen

  12. 609 and 610 are fully their creations and they’re two of the most beloved episodes of the show this is such hilarious cope lol

  13. Sure it was D&Ds episodes, because nothing had consequences. Cersei blowing up the sept had no consequences, wich makes no sense in GRRMs World. And Deus ex Sansa also was something that GRRM would never do. And don't get me wrong I love S6E9 and 10.

  14. I laughed when the cousin of the bronze bitch confronted Daemon and he was like "and who are you?"

  15. Varys. In Season 1 he Talks with Ned and privacy is the most important thing for him. In Season 8 he talks about committing treason publicly.

  16. That's a volleyball net but it is a soccer/football...I'm confused by the premise of the gif...

  17. Theon was killed for no reason. Bran should've said wait 20 seconds. He knew that deus ex Arya was on her way

  18. Yeah they fucked up by putting them in charge when DnD delivered them the most successful TV show in the history of television

  19. D&D were good in adapting as soon as they needed the story to go on, they fucked things up. They butchered even written characters like Euron.

  20. Why did anyone think this show would fail? The main reason GoT failed was because GRRM can't seem to finish a book and that's not a worry for this show.

  21. It could've easy failed with more episode 9 Bad Boss Bitch moments for spectacle over substance.

  22. The iron islands are cool asf in the books. The show never did them the justice they deserve. Aeron and Victorian for starters. Asha for another. Even Euron is massively under-used by the show to feel like a scoudrel.

  23. D&D turned one of the most evil figures into a comedy pirate.

  24. Corlys in Episode 3 looked absolutely badass with his Armour and Axe. I loved it. It was very sad, that they rushed the Daemon and Laena Part. I liked the older laena and the chemistry between her and Daemon an Episode 5.5 would've been great.

  25. Probably cause actor who plays Aemond is 25 years old, while actor who plays Lucerys is 16

  26. It's also in the books that aemond looks older than his older brother Aegon

  27. I find it cringy how people get so obsessed with actors making script changes. Also, it’s not an improvisation it an actor thinks something through and discusses the idea with the writers, who give them the go ahead.

  28. It's not. Remember Ser Barristan Selmy? The actor begged D&D that they change his ending. They ruined the character. Jamie also argued a lot with D&D. They also ruined his character in Season 8

  29. Yes, I'm sure he knows him better than George R. R. Martin who wrote him, or Ryan Condall who worked several years with George on hotd.

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