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  1. Just cut your losses and ditch Sureprep altogether. It’s an awful system that makes tax return prep more challenging. My prior firm tried it on 2 separate occasions and it failed miserably both times.

  2. It’s important to acknowledge their concerns and fears while addressing any situation. As you said, most clients feel differently about tax filings than you do, but if you can be a calming influence on them, it will help them. Honestly, I see that as part of the service that I provide to my clients. Nobody likes getting letters from the IRS, but they feel better if they trust that you have their back.

  3. I technically got two, but I sent Seedot to the grinder. Just an Omanyte for me.

  4. Incense. Tell me how it does or doesn't work. This is a core mechanic of go fest and even if it's redundant information, it's a point of interest. I really shouldn't have to wait for New Zealand on this.

  5. This is exactly what I'm waiting for and it will be the deciding factor as to whether I participate or not. Also, 12 spawns is the best case scenario as it's much easier to miss them when they are coming every 5 minutes.

  6. The only thing I want to know is how effective incense will be. I'm not paying for an event to get 12 spawns per hour of the mons I actually want.

  7. Has it been determined what the spawn rate for incense will be for Go Fest? If it’s every 5 minutes, we’ll only get 12 per hour with a 1 in 5 chance of getting any specific Pokémon. If I’m hunting for shiny Axew, I may only get 2 or 3 chances during the hour it’s spawning.

  8. I’ve been using Onvio at my firm for the past year and a half and absolutely love it. I use Ultratax and prior to opening my firm, I was with a larger firm that used GFR. From a client perspective, it is extremely user friendly and the portal system works very well. The GFR experience from the client side seemed more challenging. Also, you can organize documents better in Onvio than GFR.

  9. I just find it annoying that round 1 was “Play the game a lot and do research tasks as quick as you can”. Now round 2 is “Take a break and just make sure to log in every day and take a picture of your buddy”

  10. I can't share the name, but I am the accountant for one of the contestants from Cook Islands. (Not any of the returning players)

  11. You should keep your titles similar each day. I was looking for this and scrolled right past it the first time.

  12. It's still hard to fathom how they won their season. They were an average team for the 1st 4 legs, and then finished

  13. I love him, but I have a fairly useless hundo Smeargle. I still powered him up to level 40.

  14. Brandon votes for Lex instead of Kelly, sending Lex home and thus changing the course of history.

  15. I’ve heard that Rob and Amber started seeing each other before All Stars, but played it up for the show that their relationship started there. I have no source, but I’ve heard it stated more than once.

  16. Calling Team Green (Justin & Diana) kind of annoying is like calling Michael Jordan a pretty good basketball player. I'm pretty sure Justin went out of his way to be extra annoying during challenges to try to disrupt the other teams. I just finished this season and I rushed through it just so I could see their downfall.

  17. It wasnt so much of them being hard to watch as it was just the fact they only cast social media influencers as a lame cash grab. Some were hard to watch, though.

  18. I hated the theme of season 28 so much that I didn't watch past the 1st or 2nd episode. I've watched every episode outside of this season. TAR has had its share of pseudo-celebrities, but there was always a place for "normal" people. This theme required you to be (internet) famous to even qualify for the show. From the little I saw of the season, the contestants were basically making their own content while on the race.

  19. Once I have enough XL candy, I'm planning to power one up to level 50 out of spite. I've hatched 63 of these bastards and only need 15 more XL candy.

  20. Karishma? Has there been nobody else voted out on that day?

  21. Gabby and Chelsea from Ghost Island were also voted out Day 32. Karishma was my favorite player on IOI, so I felt it was good enough.

  22. Karishma may have been a fan favorite, but she was truly awful at the game of Survivor. In challenges, she was one of the worst competitors of all time. Her social game was awful and she had zero strategy. The only thing she did right was find a hidden immunity idol, which was mostly out of desperation. And even with that, she only earned herself 2 more days.

  23. Just sent an invite from US. Looking for remote raids when the lake trio comes back

  24. Sent a request from Slufunkis in the US. Looking for remote regional raids when the time comes

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