The overthrow of Democracy never sleeps

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  1. I swear half of bidens tweets are like "who is this president guy id like to have a word with him"

  2. Dont worry guys our request has been heard by the highest government offices in the united states and hearings for the jan 6th insurrection will begin by late 2040

  3. If you want you can find a more accurate caboose in the halo universe blind bags

  4. Yes! I have also wondered if Soldier Boy sees himself an old man or a young one? Considering physically being a virile man in his forties/fifties?

  5. Fellas if you want to get a beard similar to jensens buzz the mustache and goatee at least one guard shorter than you use for the cheeks

  6. Honestly most of your problems sound like they could just be solved by building some muscle i used to have a lot of joint pain before i started lifting weights and stretching

  7. Cad Bane took on obi wan and quinlon vos and got away clean not to mention withstood mind control from anakin, mace windu and kenobi combined

  8. finally a price drop! ima buy myself a few, hopefully i can finally get something at my target that’s halo

  9. Just make sure to pull it up on the website when you check out so they can price match because its only $7 on the website

  10. "Oh man another petition want to see if i can score a 3 pointer into the trash bin"

  11. The GOP has no long term goal for this country outside of piss off the libs and that isnt just me saying it Mitch McConnell head of the gop has said in mulitiple interviews his goals are to stop democrat laws from passing

  12. Nah i get hughie imagine being powerless your entire life knowing that at any moment you could be killed by beings unimaginably more powerful than yourself and you finally find a legitimate way to fight back that doesnt cover you in blood or put you in high risk situations 24/7 you spend an entire year of your life working on it just to discover that it was a scam and you are more powerless than ever. Then over the next weeks your girlfriend is forced to work with her rapist and a genocidal maniac but she tells you she doesnt need any help and all she wants you to do is sit there and be useless. Oh btw the media is calling you a cuck the entire time while playing up a romance with her ex boyfriend and the genocidal maniac.

  13. ‘Batman should kill the Joker! All those deaths are his fault!’

  14. Fr like hes killed millions of people and no judge will give him the death sentence

  15. "Why am i getting 3 miles per gallon? Could it be that the front of my truck has more in common with a brick wall than anything else? No its those dang libtards"

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