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  1. You are in highschool. I feel very uncomfortable anwering you

  2. I’m 18. Boutta go to college. But thanks anyways

  3. Thank you so much !! I’ll take your advice! Not the jellyfish tho I’m not brave enough for that one hahaha not yet at least ;)

  4. So off topic, but what mascara do u use? I really like ur eyelashes 😂

  5. Wow I am honestly blown away by the comments here I could cry 🥺 I think it’s just really built up in my head for a long time and all I see are perfect Instagram/porn boobs. I really appreciate every single comment, I didn’t expect so many positive responses. Thank you ❤️

  6. I have inverted nipples and used to hate them so much! But then I realize that if I just embrace them and show confidence, do one cares, and if they did have a problem I wouldn’t wanna be with that person anyways. Own ur body!

  7. god forbid you eat like a normal person and require energy to survive

  8. I forgot to mention I've run into at least 3 bottoms that use SM play to moderate their fibromyalgia symptoms and a number that use to help sleep issues. Getting whipped will make you sleep well.

  9. Just wondering how u find so many! Where do u meet so many people into the life style?

  10. I think your best bet is the over communication. If you are looking for something rougher in the bedroom and you both have a safe word and both discussed what u want to do beforehand, and she wants you to do those things, then you aren’t abusing her. As long as u stop when the safe word is used. I understand this fear of your and I think the fact that ur hyper aware of it means ur a good person, and don’t actually want to cause harm that people don’t consent to. I’m kinda confused on the advice ur asking for so let me know if I ran off course!

  11. Yes. Read “the ultimate guide to kink” really awesome book. Read the sections on all types of kinks and see what piques your interest.

  12. Hi! This intrigues me. So I can only cum if my legs are closed! I have to use my leg muscles and clench my legs together. I thought the solution would be to try to force my legs open and try to come that way anyways even if it takes a while- I had not considered opening them AS im coming! Thank u for this I’m going to try it🙏 how long did it take u to relearn?

  13. A couple of months. Stick with it even if your orgasms are weaker at first. It'll work.

  14. I have also never had nightmares, but I am not autistic. But I also don’t always have super vivid dreams either.

  15. I’m excited for college too! All the same feelings ✨

  16. Where did u get that fan? I need one for my dorm!

  17. I got it on Amazon! The brand is “easyacc” and I actually really like the ambient sound it provides ☺️

  18. You can record the lectures and go back over them and take extensive notes

  19. Do u take adhd medicine? What helps me focus is I just take a second, and go all in and if I notice myself losing focus, I’ll pause it, rewind a little and restart. I take breaks too. Breaks are just as important.

  20. Because it’s also in the wrong (but right) sub Reddit! So many layers with this witty one!

  21. Also “sub” refers so the submissive partner

  22. My kids and i love this guy, we watch his videos all day long

  23. Thank u! I also recommend Vsauce if you haven’t heard of him!

  24. It’s embarrassing how far I scrolled to find this 😂 thank u

  25. You can actually replace eggs with human blood. It has similar protein compositions. She’s got the right idea, not sure it would work tho with cum

  26. Don't waste your money on reddit rewards mate, keep that money and go grab a sandwich, they're awesome.

  27. I'm a trap/EDM person, so I usually beat my sub to that because it works for me and it gets me in the right headspace. It's whatever makes you feel powerful. Here are some of my favorites overall.

  28. Ring, rubber lip, or pocket pussy gag would all prevent this. As an added bonus, they can add a humiliation aspect to your play.

  29. This isn’t original, but still great joke

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