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  1. Imagine if he had done it to Gudao instead, no beautiful boys will last in Chaldea.

  2. I can imagine his loooong, loooong hands reaching out to them.

  3. Moriarity's younger form will forever hate the future.

  4. Monogatari series spending a small country's budget to animate a skirt flowing in the wind revealing panties in 240fps.

  5. From my understanding even the black community doesn't want "black washed" retellings of the same old movies. It's clearly just a cash grab. We need more directors/writer/producers/higher-ups to create NEW media. It's not like they have an incredible culture or anything....

  6. Everyone knows it, they just cater to people who take their entire race as their personality and gets real mad about it.

  7. I can't fucking believe that people chew and eat this shit up. Reminds me of when some people believed that Joan of Arc was black

  8. Yeah, but my hair is dirty blonde, so I’m better than those goddamned filthy gingers…

  9. Where is the part where they hold hands? Or is that too lewd for this sub?

  10. Sorry Charlotte but please sit this one out, my favorite one has GOT to be Mandricardo because I relate to the dude so much, the fact that he's even surprised to learn that we want to make friends with him is so sad and his ending at Atlantis made his character even more beautiful.

  11. Anyone else miss when pretending/doing a skit on the internet was being funny instead of dumb hate shit like this

  12. As long as someone tells here not to trade for too much incompatible unusuals

  13. The hesrt attack I got when gibusvision pairing didn't work out was not fun.

  14. As a jojo fan it's definitely jojo fans. I'd let Araki fuck me if I could get my hands on part 9 early

  15. Jojo fans gaslighting the internet to joke about their author having dementia.

  16. Re-Work USOs for fucks sake, the fact that you need to roll a servant SO many times is just stupid. Maybe just lock them behind a CQ so that people actually try the thing instead of being lazy about it.

  17. It just WON'T work unless the characters are limited to a certain degree which also creates another problem for the whales. Grail Front also doesn't quite fit this as there's a bunch of servants that could literally self sustain themselves with a good CE.

  18. Filipinos soloing everyone in shit country pride in the comment section.

  19. This is the part that the haters don't understand. It's not about setting a bunch of traps and trying to watch 3 doors at once. It's about bullying the other team with 14 stickies and making a minefield they have to deal with.

  20. My favorite part of playing defense Upward is laying a fucking minefield in the Blu spawn seeing 3 of them immediately switch to Pyro.

  21. Honestly idk why people hate it, it’s amazing at what it’s supposed to do

  22. Because people always think that Sticky Spamming is the way to go every time and then forget about the fact that this was made for Sticky Traps.

  23. The only big streamer I would donate to is Jerma.

  24. To boost morale/just hanging out? They really only eat because they want to considering they don't really need to eat, and Seiba only needed to eat in FSN because Shirou can't provide her with enough mana.

  25. Come on Lasengle, make Charlotte's 3rd skill proc all buffs if she gets the rank up

  26. All the Kadoc comics reminds me that he is literally new to experiencing all of this.

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