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  1. Came here to give a Finnish insight. First and foremost Love to all you who suffer from this lunatics decisions, Russian or Ukrainian Finland is with you.

  2. Iza, cleo, GM backline. Idun poseidon front

  3. Jim, you showed your frustration on the mic last press conference *heavy breathing*, is that a good thing when you show it so the entire world knows your frustrated?

  4. I know lots of people are gonna dunk on Matheson. As far as I’m concerned they’re both being fucking children.

  5. The thing is matheson tries to verbally be on higher level then Draisaitl. Just give some respect and you will get respect.

  6. Thanks for the contribution to community. We really lack of content creator for MH.

  7. Want to hear this too. And who do you think is really the best carry to start building from getgo. I’m currently heavily invested in iza but have been thinking was it a good choose versus let’s same tamao or susa

  8. In depth. Why Joan over hades?

  9. I think roast is not the only ”any” you can take.

  10. AMEN to this. Cubes as prior no:1

  11. wait are they really? I've been ignoring cubes / whatever that inherited Divinity thing is in all my shops for a long time. I thought those were super small upgrades

  12. Cubes has most percentage advantage. Just buy them always when you can from marketplace.

  13. The only thing is that she was irresponsible. Yea, you can drink like any other people who wants to party now and then but If the rules for prime minister sais that you have to have the phone with you, have it with you then!

  14. Juuri tällaiset postaukset saa ihmiset pysymään pois krypto valuutoista.

  15. 45% ETH 30% BTC and 25% CRO. Gonna go heavier on btc and eth slowly. Need higher percentage now on cro for card.

  16. Yes but when the old die off the young will take over and go for amazon

  17. If bitcoin would miraculously die tomorrow si would cro and 90% (if not more) of alt coins. Comparing btc to Cro is same as saying when will Volkswagen hit Tesla markets? Both are cars but the answer is never.

  18. Well it was commented on so a few people have seen it hopefully they look away from bitcoin for a minute and realise earning potential with other coins

  19. You have had good intentions I think but you have to realize that every other coin is alt coin for a reason. I’m invested in both but to go into bitcoin sub is the worst place to shill any other coin.

  20. Lifters. Sounds like the plates are moving sideways. Try with your hand. If they do, adjust them.

  21. So what should those of us that just climbed on board do. I have some on Bitmart I can’t do anything with but look at.

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