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Hitop Film (2022)

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  1. In my theater the lights came on as soon as the credits rolled and some neckbeard sincerely says "So I guess that means there's no after credits scene." Kept whispering during the movie too.

  2. Please change your username. I was on the train and when I saw it I had to start furiously masterbating. Everyone else gave me strange looks and were saying things like “what the fuck” and “call the police”. I dropped my phone and everyone around me saw your username. Now there is a whole train of men masterbating together at your username. This is all your fault, you could have prevented this if you had just used different username.

  3. Yeah, but you didn't see any gore, you just heard an explosion and saw smoke.

  4. That's it? People described this scene as if it was a live action recreation of the first episode of Invincible.

  5. https://imgur.com/a/maRgJQI

  6. BigFatWorm.com/library/movies/

  7. The Dark Knight if Michael Mann never existed

  8. Nah, he still hasn't decided

  9. Brady told the GM that he hasn't made a final decision

  10. Imagine getting raped and impregnated at 14, and then some dude uses superheroes to explain why you should keep the baby

  11. Now he doesn't have to rent fetish characters for his videos

  12. At the end off his review of The Wall, there is an animated segment where furry, dragon, fox things with wide hips and massive thighs perform a song.

  13. Good job op, it seems you have weeded out the Raimi/Snyder stans.

  14. This reads like an AI wrote it.

  15. How come critics didn't like Eternals, but I did? 🤔

  16. The History of Spiderman 2 World Records

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