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  1. That's would a hot way to get hypothermia

  2. I mean ur penis is smaller than her right? ......... RIGHT?

  3. Oh my god like tell me how do you even achieve this bad quality

  4. Aren't we all just trying to find ourselves?

  5. But Rhi is say that, plus yes we all are

  6. Well I don't really consider this one a friend, more of a work acquaintance. The search for a Willow I actually want to listen to, instead of clicking next quickly, begins!

  7. Me too but the fact that both of them were on the same screen (due to some glitch) made me read all of it

  8. Yup with you on that, Re5 filled more of a TOO MANY ZOMBIE, ALWAYS HAVE AMMO TYPE GAME re6 tho the gameplay was good but the story sucked except for maybe leons part And then comes re7 oh my god, let's just say I have platinum trophy in that game..

  9. Basically the animal has to be a cow which is holy to Indians so i get why the policemen did that brutal torture

  10. I am not justifying anything, Indians can do anything for their religion

  11. When you are not religious but want to show that you are(owner forgot how the swastika symbol looked)

  12. Also what item is drapion holding, can't seem to identify it

  13. Sniper increases damage of crits, and the scope lens makes crits more likely, which is big when it has two high crit moves

  14. Oh nice. I do have memories of using super luck + scope lens unfezent

  15. This chart is almost true for me just subtract 1month

  16. Wait a second. I played this game but the correct answer is wrong lol.

  17. Idk man maybe it was about mega pinsir, it is bug flying

  18. For those who have no idea this is squirdle , a pokemon wordle and you have to guess a random mon in 8 tries. In this one tho I was unable to guess the pokemon's typing for 7 turns. All I knew was that it was a gen 8 mon.but still I thought about it and I did get it

  19. Legendaries have a higher chance to be hundo...

  20. Ya just see the top left corner of the other picture

  21. Downvote me, for what? Just see the top left corner in the second picture

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