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  1. I'm not affiliated with any party I'm just spitting facts sir. Also you can't be sure of anything. Biden and every other democrat was snuggled up to the most racist politician in recent history. Robert Byrd.... Loved and cherished by the Democrat party just a few years ago......(mic drop)

  2. You get that times and views change, right? Or are you locked into something.

  3. Oh I get it. Politicians just don't get it on both sides. What they do doesn't change my views regardless. I love everyone and treat everyone with respect. Just hope one day that's the majority and not the minority way of thinking.

  4. Wait until you hear about how many people didn't die that got covid-19.

  5. I hate to get political, but is one example of the many ways the general American public is nickel and dimed, so that the wealthy can pay as little in taxes as possible.

  6. Depends on where you live. That's local revenue created by police for the community.

  7. I'm not saying the cop wasn't an idiot. She clearly is a fool.

  8. There's definitely something going on though. Lobby filling up is slow AF. We keep thinking it's a dead lobby but then it fills up and goes down back and forth..

  9. Are you in the US and did you leave your game on from last night?

  10. Just an extra account that you can log into from your PS4 but it's so laggy it's not worth playing

  11. When will the servers be back up. Did they give an estimate on discord?

  12. feels like your holding a gun and not a triangle

  13. Ok whatever floats your boat brother. Good luck with blind firing though, it's very hard to do with a stock. You might be a stone cold killer so I'll shut up

  14. Yep, kid just told me the internet was down or something. Innaweb is fine.

  15. No I agree with you. But the time sink to unlock some of the weapons is just insane compared to any other shooter. I shouldn't have to play 500 hours just to unlock a weapon that I want. All the weapons should be available from the beginning, but still have the escalating crypto costs.

  16. The grenade launcher sucks all you need is the Taylor cqb and double time. Every top player uses about the same few set ups and all but a door blocker or auto shotty can be obtained very early in the game.

  17. All it takes is just a little patience..... And a Smurf hosting the

  18. Also if you start a party chat and then if the host uses play together option (host) on the party options screen you will usually have a better chance to not be split up or join together.

  19. You worded that strangely - but point made - Boardwalk is available for all players to use, regardless of skill from the first roll of the dice. Winning the game requires proper asset management as much as luck.

  20. You gotta have enough money to buy boardwalk but either way I smell what you're stepping in

  21. I've played with several level 50 since nightfall.

  22. Like I said not all level 50's just the ones who had to use a Smurf account to play when nightfall first dropped bc they were getting blues screened in load up

  23. You have to use a Smurf account for some reason. If you were in if the people who blue screened when you initially loaded up like myself then a Smurf is the best way to play. I'm getting lots of games in. Who the fuck knows why!!!!

  24. Probably. Even though it seems like there ARE people playing. It took my an hour to find a game. And keep in mind this is VR where waiting is painful

  25. I think it has something to do with your rank my level 50 guy can't get a room but when I use my sub account I'm playing everytime I try almost

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