1. Y’all think he’s gonna retire young? I just don’t think he wants to play anymore

  2. Not before his contract is over. He’s making what, 30 mil a year to be useless? Wont be long until hes barely even getting minutes.

  3. The draft where everyone just talked about cade, Mobley and green. 4th pick wins roy

  4. Dont forget about “Safe Pick” Suggs

  5. Looks like my Ultra Carbon road hockey stick growing up. I need one of these.

  6. I do like the idea of a 2-3 year deal for Geno and draft a guy (agreed probably not at 5) with the specific plan for him to sit behind Geno and learn. I would want them to keep Geno in the loop about it though, don't want to pull a Jordan Love.

  7. Rodgers was the face of the franchise for many years and was still relatively young when they drafted Love. Geno is 33 and has had one good year. I don’t think Geno needs to be part of the process there.

  8. Wow really I thought younger at that time.

  9. Id love to bring back Penny but then I’d rather use a mid-round pick to upgrade on one of Homer or Dallas. Both have had rare moments but ultimately seem rather pedestrian and Homers pass blocking seemed to regress this year if you believe PFFs numbers.

  10. Larry schechter has a great book (Winning Fantasy Baseball) on how he does this and the things to consider when making your own projections.

  11. Curious what adjustments do you make for team changing? What else do you you consider other than the ball park, potential role/batting order and lineup?

  12. Poeltl does a lot of things very well on the offensive end, just not shooting. He's a great screen setter and roller, and he has some of the best hands and passing abilities among traditional 5s.

  13. Sounds like he turned into mini Marc

  14. I’m so glad I saw this post/comment, I thought I was only one of the few on this subreddit who was hoping for this to play out. It doesn’t make sense to keep anyone but those three.

  15. Im seeing it more frequently and I’ve been convinced.

  16. I didnt even want to consider Watson again but you make a valid point. Could be a sneaky pick in a 2QB league. Still like Lawrence better next year.

  17. Excited to see Tre Brown come back. Think he could still be that guy across from Woolen. Bryant and MJ is not bad depth.

  18. I think people are tired of the experiment. I liked the Euro experiment with BC and I liked the 6’9 long boi experiment but its time for Masai and Bobby to decide to pull the plug.

  19. Maybe that Rudy Gay’s us

  20. It's so pathetic how this sub has become a cesspool of nitpicking .

  21. Its more sad that you either have to be overly optimistic or pessimistic and cant just discuss the good and bad

  22. Maybe Zoros question to vegapunk was if he could give him tits?

  23. from season 11 onwards the characters have kinda become caricatures of themselves, not as good as the earlier seasons sadly.

  24. Flanderization, I guess it happens to almost every show after a while. It's still enjoyable but not the same, you're right.

  25. I would love to find a show that has been consistently as good for 10+ seasons. It’s damn near impossible.

  26. I doubt one exists. Simpsons?

  27. It’s now a 10 Track Ep! Thank you all for the recommendations 🙌🔥

  28. Please send DL link if you have

  29. I just don’t see how theyll be able to capture the abilities and fighting without it looking ridiculous

  30. I'd take him with our native first but I doubt he'll be there. He's a legit talent - NFL GMs and scouts will salivate about what he can become due to his size, athleticism, and flashes that he showed both throwing and running the ball. Malik Willis never showed any of the throws that Richardson did.

  31. And all of us expats have our flights booked immediately after work on Friday before Chinese new year

  32. It's possible if someone wants to grab Levis or Richardson. I think NFL teams will like them a lot more than internet pundits.

  33. Breece will go late first early second

  34. After the injury? Could be like Dobbins this year

  35. Then scroll past when you see them, it’s really not that hard and I promise you will eventually get over the inconvenience.

  36. Its not about that. Why would anyone want to see these constantly? How is this something that contributes to the sub?

  37. It’s a thought exercise to try to come up with who you think will be the best additions to the team, and feeds your imagination to a point as well.

  38. Yes I understand the point of mock drafts. Its a thought exercise for them and feeds their imagination so they should keep it to themselves. No one cares what random peoples thoughts are on which guys they’ve never seen play we should pick.

  39. Forgot about this.. its not on apple music is it

  40. I’ll drop my entire Ye collection today or some shit and I’ll link you

  41. Can I get this too fam?

  42. OOTP23 Online League Looking for New Members

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