1. omgggg I know, the Biossance moisturizer smells so bad. I had a mini and I gave it away to my cousin haha

  2. 👏🏼 I had this too and damn it took forever. good job!

  3. I don’t think that episode is on disney plus for us canadians :/

  4. I really like it, gives a beautiful flush of colour. BUT.. the only thing is I don’t think it lasts long. so I have to bring it with me and reapply 😬

  5. yay! okay, so if I want the January glam bag plus, should I activate it right before the 1st?

  6. what does Natalie Joy do? I just know her as Nick Viall’s gf

  7. ouuu I’m definitely interested in this

  8. Currently loving the ilia limitless and caliray tubing mascara!

  9. I’m in Toronto (if that matters) and don’t have mine yet. In fact, I just today got the accommodation order that they sent for screwing up Octobers months bag today…it was sent the last week of October lol. It’s usually not this long of a wait 🤷‍♀️☺️

  10. i am too! and my bag is still in the states, scanned today

  11. okay, was I the only one who bawled when watching this episode! Lol

  12. yay! I love Jess and Evan is great too. so excited for this

  13. I really hope Caelynn finds her voice in her podcast. She already is a very soft spoken person but she barely says more than a word or two in response to her guests. It results in so many awkward pauses. I cringed so much during the Teddie Mellancamp episode. I feel like I am done (at least for now) because it's like watching the most boring shade of paint dry on the wall. I will try again in a couple more weeks because...yikes.

  14. also, I remember listening to the first episode, and the amount of ads… I kept having to skip and I just got tired lmaoo

  15. we can only purchase add ons, that’s it unfortunately (and the add ons are only the first round, not the second round)

  16. And today I learned I have an extra nipple from this post lol. It's a very faint and flat birth mark (so I thought) but right in line with my nipple, so it must be. Thanks Serene haha.

  17. I have one tooo. and I thought it was a birthmark this whole time

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