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  1. I'm 32. I know a swastika but past that WW2 doesn't play a big part in my life so I had to look at the comments to understand what the issue was.

  2. there is just a really fucking big moon thats really far away and an even bigger sun even farther away reflecting light off it.

  3. Huh. Uh, not the issue. Edit: A ginormous galactic disaster such as the MegaMoon is a possibility, I suppose.

  4. He’s saying those stars are actually in front of the moon

  5. Now that is a hellofa care package! Slava Ukraini

  6. I wish they hadn't sent older vehicles that were being phased out due to defects. I assume the defects aren't serious enough to prevent usage in Ukraine, but still.

  7. Definitely. Double scoop at least. Just not peanut butter ice cream...

  8. The logs were underwater, and held in place with steel cables. As the cables rusted away, the preserved logs would surface rapidly.

  9. How do you think the balloons were held stationary over London?

  10. Stuff like this makes me wonder - because this view in that day would have made perfect sense to everyone in that room - what views today do we currently hold that in 60 years people will be watching and shaking their heads at us.

  11. Kort pittige tantes met 'in dit huis...' borden aan de muur. 😂

  12. North Korea is another terrorist state.

  13. North Korea and its attitude came about due to the Korean War and the US activities therein. Russia has been ruled by dicks since it existed.

  14. Yes and no. It is now, no argument there, but do you know what happened during the Korean War?

  15. Also if you baste it nicely post sear and let it rest you won't have a problem with expelled juices

  16. Just use compressed air to blow it off every once in a while

  17. That's not compressed air. That may be a terrible greenhouse gas, depending on which product you're using:

  18. It’s a shame that we can’t just preemptively bomb (and destroy) their nuclear arsenal including the submarines, all at the same time before they can launch any in retaliation. They would immediately lose all leverage.

  19. How long until the signature also becomes a relic? After another 3,500 years could someone scratch out the kid’s name and also be the asshole?

  20. As a historian, I just smile at this. It's just history in the making. Graffiti is beautifully capable of detailing the lives of the poorer classes; about whom so little is known. People have done worse, actual damage, to treasures from Egyptian antiquity.

  21. I've tripped probably over 50 times in my years delving into psychedelics and can confirm I would totally spend four hours playing with a cat also. Acid is better though. People make it sound like acid is way more hard-core but acid is way easier to handle than mushrooms it just lasts longer.

  22. just skip the lot and go with straight DMT.

  23. My x used to randomly pack salvia bowls as a ‘surprise’ for me. You think you’re getting regular weed but then the walls start melting and it’s like ‘damnit… see you in 15 minutes’.

  24. This seems unlikely. Salvia needs to be held in for a long time. Weed doesn't.

  25. I’m one of those older people who still hold a weed hit when though I know it isn’t ‘necessary’ so idk if that’s why I had it coming or whatever. It was a memory from my life that I thought would be funny/interesting to share. Yes, she was not a good person to me.

  26. Fair enough. I am sure holding weed in makes it hit stronger, but Salvia tends to have to be held in for a while (longer than is commonly comfortable).

  27. The meth subreddit on this site is wild. It's equal parts entertaining and sad.

  28. I have frequently said that rational thinking is learned, not innate.

  29. I’d imagine he means as a sperm donor or something similar, but that does have a, “does this rag smell like chloroform to you,” energy to it.

  30. I remember a few Soviet jokes from Radio Yerevan which could be easily adapted for this war. For example:

  31. Honestly I don't drink anymore and don't go to bars and this shit happens a lot less when you don't spend your free time around alcoholics.

  32. Alcohol sucks shit. You think this sort of stuff occurs at parties with people on other drugs? Hell no. Alcohol is satan's piss.

  33. As a straight man I always laugh seeing unaware bisexuals pretending it's normal for a straight man to be attracted to these examples of pure masculinity.

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