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  1. If you haven’t seen all eight of your opponents cards and you are between 5k-6.5k you should assume they have a megaknight. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the deck is.

  2. Yes, that's the pattern I'm facing in 6.3K+.

  3. Any Telegram channel/group of FMHY?

  4. It would be great to have one. Easy to share, access & maybe safe also.

  5. I was expecting Bandit fix this month.

  6. Yeah, I was eager to know this too but no one is replying.

  7. Thanks for the detailed solution!

  8. I believe it's fixed by a certain registry edit. But a quick fix is to collapse and open that dialog again (click the arrow behind "Selected Geometry"). The field should show up like normal again. It's a bug that pops up here and there.

  9. MIUI itself is bloat, replace it with if you can.

  10. yes, I will be using custom roms

  11. It isn't meme & nsfw. But little context pls?

  12. It was at this moment she knew, she f'd up.

  13. Credit: Rich, one of my friends in my Discord server that is very talented at design and 3D modeling!

  14. Model is awesome. Which software he used?

  15. I think that is not possible with configs. Workaround would be having two Helix Features as late as possible in the Feature tree and supress one or the other with the config. You should try to avoid Features using the Helix as reference as changing the config will break the reference.

  16. You can try ctrl double click to see if CW CCW is a configurable dimension but I’m guessing it’s not.

  17. Yes, lots of feature depends on helix.

  18. I have this problem a lot- in the feature window on the left as you build the feature. Commonly you cannot enter an equation(or variable) for some reason. The workaround I use is to enter an arbitrary but close number then complete the feature. I then click the feature created and in the model window double click the dimension that’s shown which opens the dimension window, from here you can add your variable

  19. Thanks, I guess I have to do the same to make my gears.

  20. Same here. I don't want it in my laptop, but can't control fan speed & profiles. If there's any alternative please tell.

  21. MSI silent optio for fans, and the profiles are useless crap, use throttlestop if you want to cap your CPU clocks, and to undervolt if it's a 10th gen or lower model.

  22. Can I apply "Best for Battery" like option also, which stops the charging at 60% & uses power directly from source?

  23. EG really is too much overpowered. I don't like this card.

  24. It's great! Can you please tell me how to get drawings for assembly like this? I need to make project for my portfolio.

  25. I have templates created for different sized sheets. I like to use Size B for most work now, but I just used Size A for small parts like fasteners. If I am working in a multi-sheet drawing and using Size B and want to add a Size A, I open a Size A template, copy the sheet from the template and paste it in the Size B series. It works great. In the end, I typically put all the Size A sheets with the fasteners at the end of the series.

  26. Great! But I am drawing on single sheet only not multi sheets. So, will it work?

  27. What would become unclear if it gets scaled down?

  28. You can't start a blank drawing with that template. You need to go from the part or assembly using the "Make drawing from" option. This would then pull the file into he template.

  29. Thanks, I got it working now! but could you please enlighten me about Task Scheduler?

  30. It's an add-in that allows you to batch automate certain simple SW functions such as creating basic drawings using a template, updating custom properties, creating PDF/DWG/other formats, etc.

  31. Thanks a lot! This sure is handy tool.

  32. I don't know it will help, but try heal edges. You could also delete the face & fill it or do something else.

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