1. Solarpunk "optimism" means an ideological bias to ignore contradictions and errors in reasoning

  2. see them toys i buy from gift shop , of cause its mass produced no Art in it , but that doesn't mean i cant show it .

  3. You can show it, it's just (increasingly) boring.

  4. can you post what you got from AI ? if they are as you said looked just like those pics i posted .....

  5. I have started to write a post about it (on my patreaon page, but no subscribing required), including pictures. I'll post a link here when it's done.

  6. Yes, they made great casting as far I can judge, I think it's a good idea to have some continuity with Peter Jackson's films, while having a welcome originality. I'm thinking of the orcs, which I find very successful, or the fact that the skin colours are no longer strictly white. The actress who plays Galadriel is also very elven, she already plays the role of the young Noldor.

  7. Not trying to bash the show here as I enjoy Galadriel’s casting so far but she isn’t really a young Noldor. In the lore she’d be among the oldest at this time. I’m actually interested to see where they go with her character in this show as I’ve seen contradictory info on if she will be among the older wiser elves or a more brash young feeling character.

  8. young is relative when it comes to elves I guess

  9. You know, when you look at some of the justifications that were made at the time for Canada's residential school system, there's no getting around the fact that cultural genocide was committed against the Inuit by people who were envisioning their future for them without consulting them about it.

  10. I think Estonians introduced ethno-futurism, linked to other small nations, possibly with similar ideas

  11. I believe that futurism and the punk aesthetic are linked, and should not be separated. If we want to fight against the powers that be, we need a mythology of the future to work toward, no? And as we work toward that goal, as it comes to fruition, our goals will shift and we'll have more to work toward. It's never ending, but always fulfilling.

  12. So far I had seen no punk aesthetic here, and nothing punk either.

  13. How is it solapunk became utopian and optimistic if punk comes from cyberpunk that is clearly dystopian and pessimistic?

  14. I wonder how one can denies the existence of a country and then will to negociate with.

  15. The whole point of solarpunk is that it's not necessarily realistic; much like cyberpunk, it's a certain aesthetic that people, much like myself, enjoy and seek; this doesn't mean you have to approach every picture with absolute realism, otherwise this would be a gardening sub.

  16. Like you said, "solarpunk" is rather a pinterest page. kinda green stuff. Solar sometimes, and punks are nowhere (while they had and still have an ecological vision).

  17. Well what speaks against the paradigm of the renaissance, the biggest era of art this earth has seen? So yes it's an aesthetic, but more so it can be something, much like other beautiful things, that inspires a change towards a certain ideal described by that aesthetic.

  18. Sorry but solarpunk is not a genre, unlike cyberpunk. Cyberpunk has a substance, a literary movement at the origin, themes, a spirit arises from the digitalization of the world, books, novels, movies, games.

  19. It's not imagination but mimic of actual creations. Some of them made a long time ago.

  20. more material for the war crimes trials

  21. Absolutely. But since there's no flair for Algorithm Art or a more generic Artwork flair, I picked fanart as it was the next closest thing. I tried to be explicit with my title as to not give the impression I was taking credit for it.

  22. Reddit has literally been flooded with these images for weeks. I made very similar pictures some time ago, but not posted them because I didnt find them interesting beyond their novelty. My personnal contribution with the prompt is derisory and negligible. What I understand now with a bit of hindsight is that it's not creation but production (mimic or cliché of various material).

  23. Sure, in this case, TPU servers are producing these images for an energy consumption that I think we should already question as a fun waste.

  24. I did, but didnt post them, because they don't add anything to the others which are visually different, artistically similar. In fact, I intend to rework some of them, in order to integrate AI generation as an art tool among others.

  25. It needs to happen. The country is too big and possesses resources that can get them back to this point in 20~30 years. Case in point the fall of USSR in the 90’s, and now, in 2022 we are wrestling with an imperialistic and aggressive Russia. For the safety of Europe and the world, Russia needs to no longer exist.

  26. somehow this a mirrored but equal thinking of putin's, justifying a total war from both sides.

  27. That might be too hard for a country/empire like Russia and I guess it will never happen without dismantling Moscow centralism

  28. I might be wrong but I think it has already started and will happen in the coming years.

  29. Egypt and Syria made an attempt, it didnt last long. It seems IraK and Jordan made a counter Union that failed too.

  30. I’m familiar with those unions but it would’ve been a dream to have this from the offset of the dissolve of the Ottoman Empire. All the unions that tried to occur afterwards were too politicized.

  31. I understand your disappointment. It seems that the different cores of the arab world are deeply linked culturally, but rival in terms of politics, economics, strategy.

  32. I think the Line is actually a good idea if we pay attention to the many aspects of the project. I'll try to explain myself.

  33. Can someone explain the meaning of this?

  34. greening shits makes solarpunk, magic!

  35. I read all of your comments, which are incredibly repetitive and do explain nothing but saying "They can totally do that!!!" (also you call people racist a lot, sometimes you even hit the right ones)

  36. I wont paraphrase the links I posted, just to make your low effort more comfortable. Did I say how much I despise people like you?

  37. no, just a bit on a very short time. Pain is deeply linked to memory and therefore, learning.

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