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  1. I'd easily fall for this one.

  2. I managed to get the JS to run without erroring when refreshing the page, however the data doesn't seem to get input to the email address or logged in user field/column. Do you have any ideas? How can I now troubleshoot the JS when there's not any errors when loading / refreshing the page now?

  3. I never got around to thanking you for this. It happened late in the evening a day before flying out for a holiday!

  4. Use the createFromEntity and in your relationship from opportunity to quote, make sure you have those fields in your mappings. Something like this should work for your pageInput param from

  5. I think you'll want to use Xrm.navigation.openForm() following this example

  6. Why on gods green earth would you go to Trenton in the first place ☠️☠️☠️

  7. OP never said anything about raw dogging strippers IN Trenton, he just advised against raw dogging strippers FROM Trenton.

  8. Oh no, design patterns that make code maintainable and scalable! How terrible!!

  9. When you get to the sixth round and the interviewer says, "Thanks for coming in today. We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."

  10. Oh you can use python can you? Name all the methods

  11. Hiss(), slither(), bask(), strike(), surprise(), coil()

  12. Yes it will bring good experience in both tech and business as you are essentially converting business requirements into features on the power platform.

  13. Don't put too much stock in partners that heavily lean on their Gold/Silver Partner status, or the fact that they employ Microsoft Certified Professionals. This is a circle jerk.

  14. Yes it is. You have to kill em but when they get that size it's hard to do because they look like little Van Halen guitars.

  15. They're actually difficult to kill because when you try to swat them, they go ahead and jump.

  16. Okay, just to validate I'm hearing you correctly, you're going to abandon the idea of storing and pre-loading a separate table with the fiscal periods?

  17. Well, the field is a lookup... but this is so the users can change the month to whatever they want. The idea behind the routine is just to prepopulate the field with a value (that they can then change if they need to).

  18. I think you're at a point where you need to approach your Microsoft Biz Apps partner about a paid engagement. You need help with design, development, and implementation. It's more than I can walk you through on reddit, and I'd be doing you a disservice by leading you down a path that might lead to an unsound solution.

  19. I think it's an incomplete feature. It's fine if you don't have a lot of lookups, but in MDA grids, it will not show related fields in a lookup table. So no quick view in forms, and grids are hamstrung. There's less of an issue getting the data out. Pretty easy to connect to the Dynamics SQL DB if needed.

  20. It's definitely an under-developed feature. It was seemingly dead for years until they announced the create/update support features last year, so I guess it's still being worked on. Everyone's main complaint with the OOB data providers is that they don't take Dataverse security into account, but the OOB data providers are basically trash and you're going to have to write/maintain your own for anything that goes beyond reference/historical data viewing. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

  21. Someone has complained about the most "Someone did the most X" posts and doesn't even know it.

  22. Someone has made the most "someone has complained about the most "Someone did the most X" posts and doesn't even know it" jokes and doesn't even know it.

  23. Unless the flag is in New Jersey, then it's a mahdinahd flag.

  24. When the question is "how can I do this tedious admin task in bulk?" the answer is always "there's an XRM Toolbox plugin for that."

  25. The main use case for c# is for writing plugins. These are event driven business logic to extend data operations on the backend. Used to be a lot more prevalent before power automate. Main reason to do it nowadays is for synchronous operations or if the complexity would be too painful to implement in a cloud flow

  26. This is the correct answer, though it may be helpful to note that plugins are more of a Dataverse concept as opposed to a Power Platform concept.

  27. So is dataverse not considered part of power platform? I always thought that was one of main components.

  28. Ah, sorry for the confusion. Yes, Dataverse is a subset of PP. I sought to make the distinction between the two because plugins are limited in scope to Dataverse, but my wording is certainly confusing. Everything in Dataverse belongs to Power Platform, but not everything in Power Platform is part of Dataverse. Squares and rectangles, so to speak.

  29. Here are some thoughts and links to resources that might help:

  30. The greatest park in the world in the middle of the greatest city in the world. My mind is blown.

  31. The ways in which you could schedule this using native CE tools are pretty limited. The only thing, off the top of my head, is a janky workflow that has a wait/timeout condition to wait ~24 hours between runs. Even then, there would have to be a custom workflow activity to go query the table records and put them into a CSV. My gut says this isn't what's doing the export, but you could check anyway. Look in the legacy interface's System Jobs view for anything that's currently in a waiting status. See if anything is named like a data export.

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