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  1. Is it a rule that you have to post your pictures with the retarded white background?

  2. Yep 4 games in a row too. 343 can't get their shit together ever can they?

  3. Kucoin as well as Binance aren't allowed in the United States. Most international major crypto exchanges aren't allowed in the US that's why you guys have, Kraken, Coinbase etc.

  4. I just moved like 700 bucks to kucoin what do I do ?

  5. You can send it to Coinbase or any other exchange. If you convert it to XLM the transaction fee is apparently lower

  6. I was reading some people can't send out of kucoin without ID verification

  7. God damn the voice lines are cheesy as fuck.

  8. if you cant figure that out you don't need to be involved in music

  9. You have to learn how to play the spawns unfortunately. There's pretty much no way around that. You either spawn camp or be spawn camped.

  10. cant play spawns when you spend more time on the death screen than actually playing because every fight is a 1v3

  11. promise rings are kind of a cuck move

  12. And it's even dead just like malls in real life cause call of duty died after WaW

  13. Is it a sub requirement to put every single fucking picture in a white frame?

  14. Yeah, his laugh became infuriating to me after learning the truth.

  15. Man I absolutely LOVE the 414 for voice work. I was thinking that was a very big part of it. Proximity.. or lack of. The distance seems to help with sibilance as well.

  16. Google, 'how to record on anything other than an Iphone mic' and 'what is a recording studio'

  17. You're completely missing the point of my question.

  18. Thanks for posting a video with no sound asshole

  19. The egg thing is way too hard

  20. I don't really blame him. I think the character he has to play for that show would get to be a bit draining after fifteen seasons. It was great while it lasted, though.

  21. It’s not really playing a character

  22. They do, they just don’t know it exists

  23. Sales and revenue are the same thing. Say I sold a $60 fancy dinner. That is $60 of sales and of revenue. But it doesn't account for the $20 in ingredients the $10 in cook labor or the expenses of having a building/rent/power for the restaurant. After all those are removed I might make $5 profit.

  24. You can make revenue from streams other than sales.

  25. Because one second is one second. What else would it be?

  26. Cropping is the opposite of increasing the resolution. This doesn’t make sense

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