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  1. And if someone in your house doesn't like BBQ, this place has excellent fried flounder.

  2. Their fried seafood is good, but wish they put on paper containers instead of Styrofoam. The hot oil melts the foam and sticks to your food.

  3. I’m thinking about doing it myself too and been watching videos from

  4. Host Tesla Supercharger and Electrify America and convert your minimart/auto repair into a 24/7 diner/Waffle House/equivalent.

  5. Park at Princeton Junction station or Hamilton Square station and take NJT. Think the daily rate is cheaper at Princeton Junction.

  6. fyi: NJ tax code exempts cemetery land from all taxes (i.e. property, income, sales), rates, and assessments.

  7. why would you want to deal with a wet/damp trunk?

  8. usually, you don't 'discover' wetland.

  9. Very difficult to find Japanese sushi chefs outside of NYC. Besides fujinoya, Yamamoto in fort lee nj is run by a Japanese sushi chef. Small place but bigger than fujinoya. Good parking

  10. What makes you think they're not in a private place where nobody will be seeing them peeing anyway?

  11. As I originally wrote, ’modesty’…not ‘privacy’ partitions. It gets deep and cold there.

  12. Ask for a lower floor, but expect more street noise. You can ask for room in the back of building but may not get daylight and lots of ventilation/machinery noise.

  13. Wish view button does not count toward the max 6 options.

  14. I thought the giga presses were installed in fremont to make front and rear castings. Are you saying they are casting and then shipping to austin instead of being used in freemont?

  15. Think our legislators need a lesson on K.I.S.S. No ambiguities = No loopholes

  16. Wait, implemented at point of sale?!?!?! Why is there an income limit then?

  17. Maybe you get the discount at time of delivery in 2023 and when you file 2023 tax in 2024, if your income exceeded, you lose your credit and pay back the discount you received. This may mean Tesla sends you and irs 2023 year-end statement of tax credit you received for reporting purposes.

  18. How come other companies didn't do this? They have way more history compared to Tesla.

  19. Accounting rules driving company's behavior. Legacy companies have equipment already paid for and fully depreciated. Zero expense associated with it except r&m which is expenses 100% expenses in the current year.

  20. I'm in a similar situation. We ordered MYLR in blue/white/gemini in late Jan and current anticipated EDD of Aug/Sept (progression of EDD: Jul/Aug -> Oct/Nov (changed MSM to Blue) -> Sep/Oct).

  21. if it is a 1,000sf tt in a 95%+ occupied 200,000sf+ center/mall, the ll might give in to eating the opex during the free rent period.

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