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  1. The first one was pretty close to max size. Max is 220mm by 220mm. First was 160mm long and 112 wide. Possibly but it’s a shit ton of plastic to print even at 10% infill.

  2. Fair enough, I have a cr 10 max, so I’ve ran my fair share of comically large suppressors, I’m gonna have to make a massive brake too

  3. Yeah bro go for it! Put it on a we ct25 or something like that 😂

  4. I ran a 3d printed oil filter looking suppressor on a Glock 17 with 3 1/4 inch tall irons to see over it

  5. Should i tape up the battery compartment just in case?

  6. It’ll be fine, but if it makes you feel even a little more confident your first time running it in the rain, I say do it, doesn’t hurt much

  7. Yeah, i will just in case, thank you for the help :)

  8. Yeah man, enjoy ur first rainy game, it’s super immersive

  9. Cyma platinum mp5, great out of box, great to modify, great feel

  10. Not as much as a hack, as much as a fun thing to do. If you have a 3d printer and a gbb glock or hi capa, you have all you need to make a super low cost sbr to get your feet wet, before forking over the cash for proper carbine kits (or just to have your own creative freedom in design of your own)

  11. Are you more interested in form or function, I prefer nowadays to run a few really fun gbb pistols that aren’t even close to the best performance, but are just cool, fun, or unusual

  12. Have you used it, if so did you hear treat the anvil? Either way, how does it perform, asking cause I have a buddy who wants a smaller anvil as a hobby starter

  13. I finished it only last night but to be honest it's not something I think I will "use" a lot.

  14. That’s really interesting, asking because I have a lot of railway steel that was dumped in my property by the previous owners, I don’t mind the free steel though

  15. Glock 18c but whatever you choose if you like full auto get ready to go through tons of hammers

  16. Or buy a few good hammers and don't act like an LMG.

  17. I’m just giving a warning from my own experience with these guns from when I was a beginner, I hardly even use mine that much nowadays, I run a g34 now

  18. It’s an A&K spring-powered rifle. It’s a cheaper replica but super solid build (including real wood).

  19. Ah, looks great on the wall, I’m looking for a real wood svd for my gun wall now, but I think I want a gbb or aeg so that I can have some fun with it on the field once or twice, that is an absolutely amazing looking spring rifle though

  20. Yeah I bought this one solely as a wall hanger. I’d always go GBB if I intended to actually shoot it!

  21. Yeah, I have a pso scope for mine when I decide on a model

  22. Have you ran it yet, am looking at getting one of these for my gun wall, but want it to at least be capable of fielding a few times

  23. If you are a new player and want to snipe despite most new players not finding it very fun, get a dmr that can still be played as an ar outside, I’d recommend Cyma platinum sr-25 as a good all rounder for the money, and upgrade compatibility, not as accurate as dedicated bolt snipers at its price range, but I run mine at mid and long ranges, with a red dot and magnifier sometimes

  24. I got the Cyma platinum sr25 and modded I put 3 years ago, I run a 1-6x for the looks of the scope, but I never go to max zoom

  25. That brake is big enough to have it’s own gravitational pull

  26. Very similar, I believe it's Ivan's design. Going of memory on that one don't hold me to it but it's called AR-VAL

  27. A full stock that can be attached to a carbine length a2 buffer tube

  28. FFF tech makes some good stuff on the odd see

  29. How hard is this project from a technical standpoint, I’m only doing my first project right now, but an a semi experienced gunsmith, looks great, and would love to do it sometime!

  30. Was that your first attempt? Plz keep updated when you finish, I’m waiting for my buffer-spring right now since I just printed my first one too, I have the other parts, but they sent me a 5.56 buffer spring, and I’m making mine in 7.62x39

  31. OK, so try lowering the build plate temperature by 5-10 degrees, and re-level the bed a little further away from the nozzle.

  32. Hey I followed your advice, but still had issues, turns out my printer was giving inaccurate temperature readings due to crappy non official firmware I installed like a fool. Starting a new print right now, I’ve got my printer reading properly now, and am doing a new print with a freshly leveled bed and slower first layer to give it the best chances of success!

  33. That’s cool, I want to do a wood ar, but I’m think Russian wood Adar style furniture, I want to get a set for airsoft, and a set for the real deal

  34. And a gen 5 if I am correct, great little fun airsoft gun

  35. Close, gen 4, 5 doesn't have the finger grooves, but they share the same mag release button. Glocks are fun to play with.

  36. Still sick, own a gen 3, and could tell it was newer

  37. I have one, not too many problems, but beware, it will break, but the simulated recoil on bolt’s brss system is fun. If you can keep it repaired it’s an amazing gun especially if you are a fan or krinks. Keep in mind it’s only actually half recoil though, you won’t be getting full bolt travel

  38. While they look somewhat similar on the outside and have the same nation or origin, the as val/vss are not ak rifles, they have enough differences internally and externally to be differentiated. Brandon Herrera’s video on the vss gives a good simple explanation on some of the major differences

  39. I used forza to help choose wheels and paint color on my 94 mr2

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