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  1. I recently quit my job and I was too afraid to tell my boss in person I just messaged them and they responded 4 days later saying Okay thank you for the communication…. I was scared shitless and I just got K’d

  2. I advise everyone to put their walleys on assault fuse since people driving could simply be missed by the explosion if you have a timer.

  3. off topic, but are Mercedes just another typical brand of car in Germany? In the US they are luxury models

  4. I think this is in the Netherlands because german would be something like Ich bin ein zug this looks like that but said by a 5 year old and that’s how dutch works so…

  5. Guys I think we should start a push on our southern front, if we work with our friends in the LGBT+ alliance we should be able to gain ground

  6. Gay here, I would loooooove to war with you guys and like be at the front doing war stuff but I think it would be better if I was like at the back observing now I’m totally not afraid to war with you guys I love warring but I think my place is just not at the front lines thanks. PS I love war

  7. Good to know, I won't even waste time rearming the next time I decide to use a drone, then.

  8. Omg I’ve been buying all the Walgreens masks I find Lmaoo because when I’m unloading truck (I work there) in the COS section I see them and I just buy them I love them so much 😂❤️

  9. Poor island I hope it finds a new better owner, I would never abandon an island

  10. The first blonde girl is roger iirc, showcasing how good his disguises are to the viewer by showing us what they see when he is in disguise

  11. Kids are emotionally unstable, even good parents can't always prevent a toddler acting like a little shit. Which, you have to remember, is where a lot of the teaching occurs. Here, you can see presumably the father or a family member making sure the birthday boy gets his moment without the shitter getting all the attention even if through discipline.

  12. My parents raised me well but before age 10 I was satan and I mean jumping on my pregnant teachers desk in 2nd grade and trying to stab her eye out with a spork…. Fortunately I got medicated until I was older and no longer needed them until now

  13. What does he start yelling after he shoots the commissar?

  14. Taiwan doesn't have to have anywhere near parity with China to stop an invasion, but still...

  15. It doesn’t matter what Taiwan has it matters what it’s allies will do, and with the US defending it China has no chance nonetheless against the entire western world

  16. You don’t really need translations but it’s, in order: women at the computer Men at the computer

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