1. You are stealing! Using this logic you could put potatoes into the machine at the self check-out aisle instead of the lettuce you are actually getting. And you call it a saving. May as well torrent your media if you're going to steal. I can't believe the mental gymnastics some ppl do

  2. I prefer to just yeet my car into the Yarra once I've arrived ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Did some dumb motherfucker really slip on a goddamn onion outside a bunnings and now you can't have onions?

  4. Only temporarily. They're back now!

  5. Are you supposed to yell it!?!

  6. Depends on who else is home at the time. Might be a bit awkward

  7. Edit aside, I'm not sure I've ever gone to a water park and thought "man before I go down this slide I'd really like to get teabagged by a teenager first"

  8. Dude... that's the only reason I go to a waterpark!

  9. Gotta put your own rocket in the pocket!

  10. Anything I can steal from my work without getting fired!

  11. You had me at longitudinal slit!

  12. Have you actually checked all the other details of the loan?

  13. How many rats are we talking about here?

  14. I did mine many months ago, but it went through without any issues.

  15. I understand. We have a doggie that eats all sorts of non-food items. Now let's see a picture of your dogs!

  16. I didn’t even realise they were basically the same! Both are great.

  17. LOL... it is exactly the same photo

  18. LOL.... busted light in the "bedroom", and it looks like the bathroom mirror is being help up by sticky tape. Where do I sign?


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