1. IMO, It’s more about the products you use in your hair than the tool that’s your issue- I would definitely use multiple, like a curl mousse, texturizing spray, and after each curl, spray some some flexible hold hairspray (or one that u like that doesn’t make curls hard) and pin each up with a Bobby pin until totally cool (and/or apply hairspray at end point). There’s tutorials on YouTube that show you how to do this. But I have thick curly hair (frizzy & unmanageable too), so I’m not an expert… I just know from my friends that it’s not how expensive the tool is that makes a difference if your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, it’s more about the prep and preservation, so to speak. Don’t brush them out or shake them too much until you our at your destination. You can divide them or piece them up more, but carefully, You might also try hot rollers/hair setters or old school rollers, they work well and essentially carry out the same process, just less separate steps. I love hot curlers!

  2. Only 1 time you got the advertised bag?? I’d be raising hell with CS! Get yo points chica! AND a free addon or something, if I don’t ask, and tell them you’re beyond disappointed and Already posted ur review online, then they’ll just blow U off… or worse- bc if U don’t contact them to call them out, they’ll think it’s okay to keep doing, bc they prob run stats and say “oh well, only X% or 12% of ppl that get the wrong bag actually complain, and .012% cancel, so why not get rid of our old inventory, it’s cheaper.” or something like that. They prob intend to spread it around more tho So when extra ppl subscribe just bc of a cute bag & they realize they don’t have enough, then they’re DEFINITELY NOT going to tell the new subs “sorry you don’t get a pretty bag” bc they want them to actually stay subscribed. Bad idea 👎🏻 tho on their part.

  3. I always inform customer service that I know my rights as a consumer, according to the FTC, and also what I am legally entitled to expect and receive from Ipsy as a paying customer. Then I copy and paste some thing from the article below that’s relevant to the issue. Then I state what I would like the resolution to be or how the situation should be handled in order to be resolved, and thank them for their attention in addressing the issue and helping me achieve this, then I wait and see… because it appears that using “FTC” in correspondence as well as a quote tends to get them to step in line.

  4. What To Do If You’re Billed for Things You Never Got, or You Get Unordered Products

  5. I’ve been letting points expire, but I finally found something I wanted. I got the Curl Charisma.

  6. I like to choose practical items when I can do I chose the curl cream bc I use it sometimes and it’s works good on my curls, although I usually combine a few products depending on my hair/weather etc… and why not use my pts to get something that I know works or that I can travel with? So I’m happy when I can do that.

  7. FYI you have a right to ask for a refund. The FTC says items should be received within 30 days of billing unless they update you about the delay and you AGREE to it. By not responding it implies you’re fine with it. If it’s already shipped AND you want a refund, then they’re out of luck. They know that. I would ask for a refund. That’s the only way they’ll learn not to do it. When I contact customer service I usually copy and paste something from the FTC website and mention I know my rights as a costumer according to the FTC and know what laws they must follow or what I’m legally supposed to receive, and they usually step in line. I get excited when they take over 30 days bc that means it’s a refund!! Whether it’s Fabfitfun or anyone, they’ve got 30 days and THEY KNOW IT!

  8. **Must read - When I was in ULTA this week to get my eyebrows done at the “Benefit Brow Bar” My brow technician who’s been doing my brows there for over 2 yrs, I was excited to show her the BENEFIT brow styler pencil/powder duo I received in my June GBP! She immediately looked confused and told me that BENEFIT has DISCONTINUED that product !! She pointed to the sale sign directly above the product and said that’s why ULTA currently has it on sale, to attempt to get rid of their remaining inventory. She said it’s extremely odd that IPSY would include the BENEFIT eyebrow pencil/powder duo in their JUNE GBP knowing that it’s currently a discontinued product….🤯🤯 And yes, I did get a replacement of the Benefit Brow Styler Duo sent to me.

  9. The reason they usually have items that are actually from “good” brands is bc they’re overstock, or packaging is being changed, labels redesigned, or they’re being discontinued… just like TJ Maxx. Rarely they’ll get samples of new releases in the glambags as promotional marketing deals. Of course 3 yrs is too old regardless, bc the products are still expected to work/perform as described and not expire for at least 6 mos after being received in a subscription.

  10. Wait to see what your actual profile says when things go back online. Don’t just let things go, they legally have to give your your goods that you paid for, just copy and paste from the FTC website that mentions it when you reach out to customer service. Ppl with failed charge backs- just show Alltrue the proof that the chargeback wasn’t successful (an email from the bank etc) and that no one took money back from them. They prob just have everyone’s emails on an automatically generated list, and talking to customer service will allow them to look up your individual account. Reach out to them and confirm. Don’t just sit idly by and do nothing if you’re owed something (money/boxes). Usually there isn’t much proof in terms of Docs/evidence required from you that you have to give the bank or the sub box. It would make sense that they put U on a list of ppl that got charge backs if the investigation was opened but not successful, but U may have to ensure that they put U back on the list of subscribers bc sometimes the program doesn’t automatically do it and CS will see what your account says when they look into it personally. But be proactive and don’t let them take advantage of your complacency. Mention the FTC and that you know your rights as a consumer and they usually step in line.

  11. Mine are so full I quit trying to empty them years ago! Lol

  12. Try putting “unsubscribe” in your search box and deleting every email that comes up with that somewhere in the body of it. Those tend not to be important correspondence 😜 At least that’s the trick I used to get my crap organized 😉

  13. Ipsy partners AKA Ipsy brands… Ipsy has a “brand incubator” within the umbrella which is just another name for putting investments and ideas together, so they have ppl come up with a product or a target market or an influencer that would be marketable and they see if they can find the other pieces to fit that would make a good product line. So these brands are developed and funded by ipsy, try just have an influencer face on them, and they’re “in house brands” bc they know they have a market they can sell to within the Ipsy subscription base. Also keep in mind HOW MUCH DATA they’ve gathered over the years abt the products that certain demographic groups like and what they don’t like, what they want/don’t want, what they rate high and why etc… so they can draw some obvious conclusions from the huge amount of info they have at their fingertips, then create brands/products they think will be relevant. These influencers may be giving some amount of creative direction, but they’re not doing any more work than that besides promoting the items and posing for photos with them.

  14. I learned to cut them up with shears, then leave them near the bottom of your plants. The birds with find them to eat them. After a a little while of doing this the birds will actively look around your plants for them and will help keep their numbers down.

  15. However☝🏽one should note- you can’t exactly go cutting one up with shears bc as soon as u cut it in half, a blob of the NASTIEST looking green vitreous goo immediately starts dripping out of them and onto anything below. Makes U wonder how these things function so well when their body just consists of slime. So depending on how strong ur scissors and stomach are, you can prob get ONE good snip out of each… but I do highly endorse this practice. I also suggest going out to ur tomato plants at night, armed with a flashlight, to help u spot any juveniles before they get a chance to decimate your beloved plants… I’m sure most already know this trick, but when dealing with any kind of caterpillar type creature that eats ur plants’ leaves, Nighttime can often be the best time to spot them…shine light upwards from below the leaves and if any have small spaghetti shaped shadows showing through, then smash/stomp.

  16. I’m so over our judicial system. We need to have our amendment rewritten because so many people are getting away with actual MURDER.

  17. Sorry, weird question, but is she missing the nail on her big toe? Or is there something blurred out in the picture?

  18. Prob more related to working 8-12 hr shifts on her feet as a nurse.

  19. Did they have him re-create the crime using live people? What is picture #9? What an interesting process.

  20. It’s occasionally done to better understand the aspects of the crime & evidence or make sure the facts match their story- whether they’re guilty and lying or actually innocent and lying… & sometimes to make sure the person isn’t regurgitating a story they read or some cop fed them, which can be done inadvertently through the use of leading questions in poorly run interrogations, however law enforcement is supposed to be better trained these days (see the case of Brenden Gassy of “To make a murderer” fame- A Netflix Crime Doc abt a murder purported to be committed alongside his uncle Stephen Avery, but it’s highly unlikely).

  21. Yeah if they went back to his home surely they got DNA from his clothing or other some kind of evidence. People think because its not a first world country that therefore the Police are inept or corrupt, I mean it is the case in some countries but I doubt it is here.

  22. Ummm… well, it’s a place where the police commonly use testicular electric shock as a method of “interrogation”. So yea, the police definitely aren’t regarded to be generally inept or corrupt- actually, their entire justice system is. Especially when someone’s murder threatens the almighty tourist dollar.

  23. Now the scumbag is waiting for a decision on his conviction. He may be retried I guess. Fuck that punk. Excellent post OP. Thank you.

  24. What happened? I thought he got the death penalty. Didn’t know there was any new developments…

  25. Hence why quoted me in their response to worried ppl when this whole thing first broke.

  26. For real!!!! My daughter found a beauty blender and said mom this is better than the one you bought in that makeup store (Sephora) she then asked how much did it cost? I was ashamed to say $16 and it was the knockoff brand at that! This was like a month b4 I subscribed! I know that I will not only shop Boxy or Ipsy for the rest of my life or that I can get everything I need from them, however I have been enjoying it. Since I am new, I do wonder why sooooooo many people are complaining about their boxes, like if it gets to the point , I don’t like my sub, I will cancel. What I won’t do is get on Reddit and complain and threaten to cancel? Maybe if more longtime unhappy subbers would cancel , Boxy would be forced to rethink their game plan????

  27. It’s bc the value changes dramatically depending on what they offer you to pick for your choice product(s), which you can only take part in when currently subscribed, so for your box to be a good value, you need to stay subbed for consecutive months. That’s bc the other items they put in are private label trash and in house brand filler items. And even the choice products are generally sold for $10 or less each month, so I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend that ANYONE get more than 1 Boxycharm sub a month. You can get what u want from the drop shop. And you’ll likely end up buy the stuff anyways since for some idiotic reason BC doesn’t show u what they’re sending u before the sale opens, so if u really want something then u end up with multiples & i assure you that you’ll realize that 75% of the stuff is shitty or old or overstock crap no one wanted to begin with and ur closet or bathroom etc. will likely look like it jumped out of a hoarders episode if you’re not careful. My main advice is to just become VERY WELL acquainted with the FTC website, in particular, bookmark “what to do if you’re billed for things you never got”. Seriously.

  28. The Tula is in Ipsy’s shop for $12 and U don’t have to be a sub

  29. Ive been seeing other suspicious overlaps between fff in Ipsy’s shop and addons and on boxycharm even- I’m glad you picked up on it being a collab between Fabfitfun & Spongelle bc it proves they’re using the same distribution channel or warehouse or overstock supplier… or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if the investors even overlapped. This is curious situation 🧐 bc I’m always wondering how old the stock is that we get from sub boxes, especially since COVID. This makes me wonder whether the stuff in fff subs/addons is older or Ipsy’s are. I’d say It’s more likely they’re buying overstock from the same large corps & huge parent companies as one another, and the stuff is relatively the same age, but u never know…. Bc u can’t trust sub box co.’s, that’s for sure. Irregardless, the companies would have to all be aware of the dealings with one another & they’d likely have to agree to it (like a contractual clause related to buying/selling to competition in the same marketplace). Plus, neither of the sub boxes nor the cosmetic brands would want the same products popping up at the same time. Ppl wouldn’t be as drawn to either of the subscriptions AND they’d be more inclined to think something funny (or shady) was going on with the product or brand overall. When a nicer product suddenly pops up in sub boxes at the same time, it can dilute the value and perceived prestige of said product… so that’s why the cosmetics co.’s/parent corp.’s have to keep track of selling overstock & to where (places like Nordstrom rack vs tjmaxx vs sub box companies etc). I can see how FFF and Ipsy would be okay with sharing merchandise sources bc FFF is more of a lifestyle box (despite the addons being a ton of cosmetics) & the subscription base/clientele doesn’t overlap as much as Allure and Ipsy would.

  30. Yes you can skip any month, U run out when U run out though depending on how many you do. I used to have a yearly before the last price hike and I would still base my decision to skip on the choice product and if it was worth most of the price of the sub- if not, I skipped. You can do it right from your account tab, but U have to remember each month. I think U can skip two months in a row actually, just depends on what time of the month they open the option up in your profile.

  31. I honestly think the regular glam bag isn’t as personalized as the plus. I feel like the regular bag operates kind of like Boxy does theirs. I could be wrong but that’s the impression i get.

  32. IMO They seem to base it off of the item you choose rather more than anything else u may have in your profile… So that also extends to ppl that didn’t choose an item during choice period- all those ppl and new subs tend to get same/similar things but perhaps variable colors of them i.e. liner colors. But they probably also make different versions of the most popular choice products and/or just pre-kit bags using some other variable like skincare heavy or makeup heavy bags (on quiz: not comfortable with makeup vs very comfortable). So they have a number of bags pre-made based on each item ppl can pick as a choice item, and that allows them to calculate value correctly, build bags early, and also account for ppl that possibly opted out of a certain type of item or whom have already received an item that they’re trying to get rid of and trying to put in as many bags as possible… so if you’ve been a member for a long time, you hopefully won’t get multiples… even when they’re trying to clear a lot of stuff out of the warehouse.

  33. She had a deal- it’s obvious. Watch the way prosecution tiptoes arnd questions while she’s on stand and the defense has standing objection to all evidence she submitted that wasn’t discussed in open court, only at side bar. They would have pointed finger at her to raise reasonable doubt atleast, but they didn’t. Likely bc Chaz asked them not too. But there’s def more going on behind the scenes. She takes a long time bc she’s trying to make sure she answers correctly NOT truthfully. U can see in way prosecution treats her & questions NOT asked that’s there’s more to the story.

  34. I find it interesting that you wrote that the prosecution was protecting her. I didn’t think they were until I rewatched Cat on the witness stand. At first Prosecutor William Brown was gentle and patient in his questioning until he asks about the chest freezer, enquiring if it was always in its current position in the basement. Cat takes a long time to answer and she and Brown have a stare down the whole while. She then answers yes. Brown then almost becomes quietly hostile with her. His tone of voice is seething. Like she broke a promise. I don’t know, maybe I’m way to immersed in this and I know way more about Chandler Halderson than any sane person should

  35. Mitchell said Chaz literally never picked up after himself and if he’s lazy, how would U clean a fireplace that well? Also, cat admits telling Chaz she discussed the property’s boundaries the day before he dumped the bodies, but that wasn’t the first time he had been to the farm. Also, he had ALLLL the rural areas in the state so why did he pick a place like cat’s mom’s girlfriend’s farm??? The opening statement by chazs attorneys literally say to think abt what questions are asked and which ones aren’t or something like what is said and what isn’t said…seems to be focused squarely at cat, I just don’t think chaz would let them point at her to raise reasonable doubt. Also, what grown woman would believe her bf of 23 was grounded? Even when parents were out of town?? Come on. The texts seemed to be orchestrated. Plus, she sent a text to chaz the day before parents were killed abt being pissed that mom wouldn’t let him come out and play and threatened to call and talk to her herself… what police investigators would ignore someone with obvious grievances toward parents at time of their disappearance? I think she played on his desire to leave the house but be lazy too… life insurance would be an easy out. They were looking at houses in FL around 500k… 80k a ur at space x still wouldn’t b able to afford a house like that. The prosecution def. tiptoed around questions when she was on the stand… and chaz’s side had standing objection to everything she entered into evidence and only discussed objections at side bar… definitely a deal on the table. Chazs friend that sold the gun did an interview on rekieta law on YouTube a little while back and it was interesting. He only gave a few details but some of them were enlightening… she liked knives ALOT apparently. The show is pretty irreverent but it’s not often we see a witness interviewed and so open after they testify. I suggest a watch if U don’t mind cussing and bad jokes.

  36. I question her knowing supposedly nothing when he asked her to bring cleaning appliances asap and the fact that she spent time at the house with him but that's just a personal Impression, neither of us was there to ever know the truth

  37. Chaz is too lazy to clean anything well and the fireplace was scrubbed clean, he may have told her it was something else, but u KNOW the house smelled like a pork roasting and smoke bc the neighbor said so, and she slept over that night and said she smelled nothing. Plus she admitted on the stand she didn’t take screenshots of his location ever, except when he was doing the scattering of remains… His friend that sold him the gun went on Rekieta law on YouTube and did an interview. It’s a pretty irreverent show, but interesting to see an interview with a key witness in one of these cases…however, that guy was screwed up by selling him the gun Chaz used. So there’s a lot of ppl harmed in a crime like that.

  38. He sounded cautiously protective of his brother still though, in his testimony. The way he described his parents and other little details he described… sounded like he wanted to help achieve justice & be honest, but without giving anything more than necessary.

  39. I think she knew something. She made some deal with the prosecution bc you can clearly see they navigated carefully around questions when she was on the stand and the defense had a standing objection to her testimony and evidence introduced by her in the trial, they always went up for a sidebar when discussing objections concerning her. I came here wondering if anyone knew the deal she got and what she did to need one. It was obvious she would have smelled the house was off and chandler was too lazy to clean up anything well so I assumed that was her part and she hoped to run away with him & the insurance money but played dumb, and Chandler wouldn’t allow his lawyers to cast doubt on his case using her to raise reasonable doubt. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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