1. What’s wrong with all of you? I would do the same if I became president of my club.

  2. Everyone:wHaT Is wRoNg WiTh yOu me who finally found someone that would do this just like me:★—★

  3. Goddammit, looks like kirby is gonna have to destroy another demon/God again. That's the third time this week!

  4. In mass attack he thinks that the stars wouldn’t be so bright if darkness didn’t exist. Does that sound Like a toddler to you?

  5. Have you seen his actions in his games? He acts like a toddler, can't speak well, and sounds like a toddler

  6. Is it? It’s never acknowledged as canon, but never as non canon either. Also, would a toddler be able to kill multiple gods?

  7. At first I thought he was doing the kirbo series in order (from oldest game to newest) but I guess not. :(

  8. It would most likely be the big rig, since Forgotten Land is the most recent game and was very well-recieved, but i would really like it if it was the hypernova

  9. I guess the hypernova, but personally, I still wish they had kept cook kirby. It might have lacked a bit of spectical, but it worked with his love or food, being a regular screen clearing ability in his series, and was overall kinda cute. Is that just me?

  10. I agree, cook kirby looks cute, and expresses his love about food, not only cute but funny as well, seeing the opponents fall into the pot and kirby just happily stirring lol.

  11. I don't really see a solution... Talk about it, or get him to play other games? Idk dude, I wish you the best of luck tho.

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