Acer reveals Intel arc Predator BiFrost GPU.

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  1. maybe if you opened your eyes and saw the update billboard saying "BR Changes implemented" and took 1+1=2?

  2. hmmm almost as if an enemy you are totally unaware of is sitting on the point and you're not using your eyes.

  3. That’s an unmistakable Hercules. I saw one flying overhead, couple hundred feet above the ground, the roar of the turboprops and the sight of the smoky turboprop exhaust trails was really something.

  4. You need to FINISH overpowering the plane.

  5. So this was seemingly based off a reverse-engineer of the Corsair One?

  6. I think theyre cool and needed attention cause they are a massive part of modern combat, but the way they implemented them sucks actual monkey aids ass

  7. It doesn’t help that they’ve basically copied some mechanics from helicopters over.

  8. uh, 90 Celsius on my 9600K+3080 combo, CPU took the brunt of the heat, GPU was under 80, in sandwich config in a SFF case before I changed to a more capable SFF case. I saw that peak playing Metro Exodus Enhanced, and I knew it was time to change my build a bit and improve thermals in some way(and that I had potentially hit my thermal limits in the case, stock tunes, no undervolt or anything) And that was before I got my 12th Gen.

  9. If it's a 1650-S or better, that's a steal. If it's a 1650 non-S, well it's still a steal, but not as much.

  10. It just works, I guess that's all I can take from others still using VGA these days.

  11. You could offset the side panel, but it's not likely to grant enough clearance. I forget what the mil spacing of the side- I just looked it up as I was typing this- you may have not enough clearance. The spacers on the frame only allow 4mm additional spacing, adding it to 46mm. So no, you must get memory less than 46mm(with the spaced side panel set at +4mm)((reference, User Manual via Velka 5 website, page 25)).

  12. You need to craft all the parts, then overpower them. It's a 2-stage crafting event.

  13. I play with 7.5Mbps, which is dogshit by my friend’s standards yet it provides enough bandwidth for 1440p30 or 1080p60 footage, but is easily interruptible. Also, have you considered that there have been DDOS attacks on the servers over the course of the event?

  14. “nobody selling yet” yeah that’s because there’s an embargo on it.

  15. It looks like a Panzerbefehlswagen IV, a command variant of the IV. Could be a J-model.

  16. can swap 2 for 1 from the others....

  17. Have you considered there’s a DUI going on in that vehicle?

  18. My eyebrow just raised so hard it hurt. This is absurd.

  19. inb4 anti-Chinese players and pro-Chinese nationalist players clash and post locks

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