1. 10$ for an external 80GB HDD. I mean... at the same time this is horrifically stupid, it's something I guess?

  2. game engine limitations are a real possibility.

  3. You do know you can buy an ATX PSU rack for the NR200?

  4. If you're dead serious, up until the CEM5 connector on it is worn out and pwoof goes the PC.

  5. Looking at the overall profile and barrel construct, I’m pointing towards the Swedish-made CV90/STRV90, likely.

  6. It’s fine. Anything 85°C and higher is a concern. TJMax’s of CPU’s are usually ~95°-110°C.

  7. I’m coming from an Xbox 1, do you think it’ll be about the same?

  8. No experience with either the XB1 or that tier of hardware, so I really can’t tell. Maybe benchmarks online can tell a story

  9. If all comes to fruition, the components inside will be a Ryzen 5600 and RTX a2000. I should be able to half-sandwich mount both a flex ATX power supply and LP GPU in back of the motherboard.

  10. Ironically I had the same case style idea but ditched it as it may never come to fruition even as a one-off sample due to time constraints(going to school and working)

  11. Might unsub if we're just going to share every post in gangbanging TikTok.

  12. Yeah all these braindead wannabe rappers and gangstas are really making me reconsider resubbing here.

  13. Manual/Clutch isn't my style but Manual/AutoClutch has been useful to me lately

  14. ”Oh yah this a SRT Durango, bruh ong frfr”

  15. To the imbeciles who post this, you sure have a poor concept of rule-reading.

  16. oh wow a 4080 at 1080p Extreme, fantastic. /s

  17. I dont game at 1080p sir. This is just the popular benchmark to use and to compare to others. Sorry you don't understand.

  18. I do understand. I don’t comply with non-gaming benchmarks. I have that mindset where if I did overclock, I just send it with the most intensive game I have in my library

  19. First off, 64’s a tad much unless you’re running resource-intensive games or heavy productivity. 16’s fine for a TON of games, and 32’s more of a jack-of-all trades, and most DDR4 modules are compatible with any board.

  20. As in power strip/surge protector? Absolutely not, wtf are you thinking? It'll save your PC in the event of a surge or any electricidal grid anomaly if anything

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