This is everything I've ever wanted from this movie

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  1. Parasite is an amazing movie that did this to me. If you have time, watch it; it's amazing.

  2. I had the same issue it sucks, but they haven't placed an offer after I replied pay me or leave it

  3. Great shoe, my wife loves her pair. She only receives compliments

  4. You can add them to your blocked buyers list, that will prevent future purchases from them.

  5. Make sure you click report message so eBay bans them account

  6. Sizing was different back then,but great find.

  7. Thanks I've seen that sub but don't have enough post karma to post there.

  8. Go qround liking people post and comment on popular subs worked for me

  9. Ive never ordered off dhgate before, miui is the "retrosneaker" store? Im considering buying a pair off the link you sent

  10. Yeah, you can message them and they will send you pictures of the shoes and if you like them you can order them. Pretty fast shipping to.

  11. How much is shipping or do they ship free?

  12. Free shipping extra if you want it faster

  13. Any idea what street fighter it could be? i have no idea of the year cus it does not have tag or any tags inside

  14. I want to say street fighter v came out in 2016 I could be wrong lol

  15. I’m no expert but these have the cage flaw - material behind shouldn’t run parallel to the netting- look at retail pics it should run horizontal - I bought a pair from zhang - take a look at my pics on my page

  16. 2 Open DHgate APP dh://NzEwNDY2NzYxJjIwMjIwMzEy]

  17. W2c 2 Open DHgate APP dh://NzEwNDY2NzYxJjIwMjIwMzEy]

  18. as a skater that birdhouse shirt go retarded gah damn that thang clean same w tha goku shirt which is probably what i’d wear it with


  20. I buy reps bc I don't want to pay more for what a sneaker is worth. Also I don't feel guilty getting a 200 shoe beat up.

  21. Yes agreed - thanks for the reply - appreciate it

  22. No one is calling out a toe box on foot man. Wear with confidence 👌

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