(OC) Meet Lilo, rescued from the Envigo 4000 hence the ear tattoo. we're going to give her the wonderful life she deserves

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  1. Nowsdays Mexico is waaaaay more dangerous than Brazil, ask Jalisco Nueva Generacion, they will tell you. Mexico surpassed Brazil in the homicide rate per 100.000.

  2. I know Mexico is shit too. But if you are not into drugs or sometging. Is kinda imporbable that something happens to you, especially if you are a tourist.

  3. Well, I can say the same about Brazil: Brazil is shit too. But if you are not into drugs or something. Is kinda improbable that something happens to you, especially if you are a tourist.

  4. No. In Brazil even tourists are very likeable to be pickpocketed

  5. A 6 year old feral boy with beard?

  6. ` I think I got it (๑•﹏•) `

  7. it's gotta be ` not ' notice how it's slightly tilted to the left

  8. Damn, that's kimda disapointing for me. Lol

  9. Ok, I will name some of the bands I like

  10. Ask yourself then, is it ethical to save a childs life if that means animal testing must be done to accomplish it? I’m not saying that animal life shouldn’t be valued because it absolutely should, but if you would save a dog over a human I think you probably have pretty misplaced morals.

  11. Those are not real morals, is just survival instinct to preserve your own kind. We should go further than our instincts, because we can. How are you sure that a baby's life is more eorthy than an animal's? I know that our instinct tell us that humans are more important because we are humans, but we have the abilitu to be more reasonable

  12. You’re 18. There are so many things still to come, so much to live for. I’m thankful you’re still here.

  13. Sorry, but I cam't dir if I am 18? Believe, I have had more than enough

  14. Some of you don't get that some people is more visual.

  15. Yup was talking exactly about you.

  16. Well. God has commited genocide several times, and he did not kill in very sweet ways.

  17. yeah my concept of it btw I'm not that religious but I thought the devil wants everyone to have free will but god wants to obey but I probably don't understand it enough so I'm going to read more on them both to understand it fully also btw I'm not saying god is bad.

  18. I am not religious. I kinda don't care actually. But it is always funny to piss believers with basic logic

  19. That is how a psycho's phone looks like

  20. I don’t know what you’re going through in your life right now. But I’m here if you wanna talk. I love you, you’re loved and appreciated.

  21. Thank you dude. Really. But is kinda late for me

  22. I already have help and meds. Just idk, life is kinda shit

  23. 😈👿✌️☕️✨️ idk what cpuld happen. But I am glad there are sparks, that is a good sign ig

  24. I highly doubt it. But I truly appreciate a gentle person lile you

  25. I am the kind of person that will shot himself in the head with a shotgun the 31 Dec 2022

  26. Cringe but kinda jealous tbh

  27. Just be a nice person and we will fall

  28. My inner me says Intention. But we all know people only care about Actio

  29. Lol. I collect those messages. I have like 30

  30. 3060 is a good card, probably won't get desired frame rate with everything cranked but there are alot of settings that don't change all that much and help out performance alot and use that dlss. Really fun game to ray trace and looks amazing.

  31. Cool. Thanks dude. I may try it

  32. If you played the batman arkham games and enjoyed them you'll enjoy this. Basically the same thing lol

  33. Yeah. I loved Batman Arkham.

  34. Since there are no comments yet, I will answer with my top 10

  35. Tons of suicidal thoughts and depressing stuff tbh

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