1. I do not think Azumarill’s Huge Power always actually calcs correctly in raids. It seems to be broken.

  2. Damn I’m jealous. Not cause the shiny. But because I can’t get with anyone good enough to actually beat a 6 star 😂 though the rewards look less appealing than I’d thought.

  3. N9kai has a YouTube video explaining how you can solo every 6 star raid besides corviknight and dragonite with just Iron Hands or Gholdengo

  4. Just finished the game - I don’t even care about the performance issues anymore because the story was so good especially toward the end. Now time for shiny living dex :)

  5. You need to be thinking about your goals and be actively looking for positive male role models. This is stuff no one tells you as a kid but you have plenty of time my guy. Don’t let the pressures of other peoples’ early success get to you - focus on yourself like you’re the main character.

  6. Am I not understanding something? It very clearly says in the proposal “allow state to regulate abortion after fetal viability”. Am I missing something?

  7. What the fuck is this? $5 Niantic? And naming it the trainee box sounds like they’re literally enticing noobs to buy this. Shameless, honestly - this is fucking ridiculous.

  8. You have to check 470 more on average to get one

  9. 30? Bruh I’m at 133 and no shiny. It’s odds are 1/64 so 30 checks is not enough.

  10. Dang it was right at the 1000 hour mark? Or does the game stop counting at 999:59?

  11. What he’s saying is that even if it’s boosted to 1/10 odds you only have a 50% chance of getting a shiny after six encounters so the fact that you didn’t doesn’t necessarily prove anything, because it’s a 50/50 either way.

  12. Have both was given multiple codes at my local GameStop and didn’t need more than 2

  13. I’ve been looking at ips v2s for the past week or so. Bummer you’re overseas.

  14. Ah yes, when two consenting adults have sex, the consequences are only the man’s problem. Equality.

  15. More like proud of the 8 straight hours of absolute min-maxing I put in just confused about the Pika shiny rate, but aight

  16. ok, cool, ty! Did you use lures? it makes sense that maybe the spawns were all concentrated near you if there were only a few stops :D

  17. That sucks 😓 if it makes you feel better you’re not the only one having terrible luck. My gf has caught 7 shinies and I’m at 0 in ~1500 encounters and a bird ran from me as well

  18. Tons of people record themselves and if it’s a public gym you have the right so long as it’s not against their policy. People that get mad about it are stupid and people that call you names for it are stupider.

  19. Still waiting for a competent pro-choice argument, but it’s never going to come.

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