How a HUMVEE was driven in Baghdad

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An art student did an experiment for her graduation project - live 21 days for free in Beijing. She disguised herself as a socialite and slept in the halls of extravagant hotels, tried on jade bracelets worth millions of dollars at auctions, and enjoyed free food and drinks in VIP lounges and bars

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  1. Is it just me or is OP and idiot for not being able to translate stakeholder ideas to functional requirements? It sounds like they want auto complete, probably ranked somehow. It’s kind of your job to make sense of this and implement it but that went over your head and out the window

  2. I still do. I'm not supporting a company who's actively against Right to repair.

  3. Lmao ok, no one asked? You seem like a person who tells posts “Facebook is evil” on Instagram lol

  4. This is not a picture of Hyperion (the worlds tallest tree)

  5. House music fucking sucks, if you can’t change up the bass beat for 40 minutes you’re a shitty DJ

  6. Yep. Straight mids. ZERO trichomes and little to no color variation….

  7. Mids in illegal states is brick weed that tastes like grass, this would be like beasters there

  8. “Jit” when I moved from San Fran to Atlanta and went to a kind of hood school

  9. I know this is far off topic, but whenever this is even tangentially the topic I like to spread awareness of something most people don't know. Pertaining to the U.S. and applying to all 50 states:

  10. “Oh something about breathalyzers, let me copy paste everything I know about them even though no one asked”

  11. Gee, maybe if they hadn’t illegally invaded and occupied that country, they wouldn’t have faced that problem at all.

  12. Yep I remember that’s just how it happened, some us dudes in a bodacious hummer drove to bhagdad on spring break then illegally crossed the border. Thanks captain woke hindsight

  13. Oh are you feeling things strongly right now? Must be because of your self diagnosed adhd not because it’s a normal human emotion you smooth brained Neanderthal

  14. Wow crazy, I also got diagnosed while in college to get prescribed adderall, congrats on your accomplishment, you’re so special

  15. You spin it and it pushes ash out and fresh bud to the front

  16. Lol you think Reddit is everyone

  17. Isn't that just how TV shows work, they show an extreme version of the would. Where bad guys are extra bad and good guys are extra good. I am not even sure that I would to watch a csi show where they only catch the killer 40% of the time.

  18. Ah yes, the Metaverse. A place with artificial real estate costs, brought to you by a company that's been sued countless times by countries in international law due to privacy negligence, pushing a product that is using a stolen name.

  19. “Hurrrr durr i didn’t read the kickstarter and just came here to repeat the Reddit hivemind so y’all will think I’m cool”

  20. I choose to believe this simply means let's get the money 🤑🤑🤑

  21. She slept in a hotel lobby and an airport and got a free paper bag from a Gucci store, who the fuck cares

  22. Wow she slept in a hotel lobby and tried on jewelry. You mean like I could go do right now?? What a crazy person

  23. Lol ga southern is just C students who couldn’t get into Georgia

  24. Lol look up the pics of hunter smoking crack while fucking a tied up hooker, what a good guy

  25. Lol the dad gave them a gram of weed once then the kid comes over, smokes a couple of cones in a row, then starts packing a bong and the dad is prob like “wtf cheech? Chill out on the weed dude”

  26. She’s also saying she hasn’t done any other drugs but until recently was posting constantly in DXM and syrup subreddits, so I’m inclined to say she may be twisting this story so we agree

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