AITA for getting my eldest daughter a kitten when wife is already overwhelmed with our disabled child?

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  1. “my AUTISTIC daughter with AUTISM does bad things because did i mention she’s AUTISTIC? i’m not demonizing her or her condition (she has AUTISM) i’m just stating the facts (and the facts are, she’s AUTISTIC)” /s

  2. they’re talking about men that THINK this way. trans men wouldn’t think like that dumbass

  3. You are an asshole for posting this here.

  4. Take me to church. It’s always so funny when people think it’s a christian song.

  5. A couple of friends and I were in an abandoned school (we were also high -aside from the driver-, which was stupid) that was pretty close to a private property. We weren’t trespassing on their property but the owners probably saw the car and decided that, instead of calling the police like normal fucking people, they would release their two dogs on us. The building was not in great conditions so it was easy for the dogs to get in and difficult for us to get out. It was also really fucking dark. We all managed to scramble into the car and got the fuck out of there fast. Luckily no one got hurt but we did think we were attacked by demons for a bit. Never went back there.

  6. This is literally the shittest fucking build i ever seen in my life. The shit I took this morning resembled an At-At better than this

  7. was it hard to shit with that stick up your ass?

  8. bon cop bad cop is literally amazing for an english speaker who wants to learn quebecois french.

  9. Because that’s the only thing they’re good for. If I have the choice of smoking anything else I’m smoking it before a pipe. They definitely are handy sometimes though

  10. killing animals when we could just eat plants/seeds/etc

  11. People have disabilities that do not allow them to be vegan, myself included.

  12. a very, very small percentage of people can say this so its hardly relevant. In fact far more people go vegan because its impossible for them to be omnivores

  13. So you people with disabilities aren’t relevant to you?

  14. and you shouldn’t care about who i decide to date? why do you care so much, are you into me? cause it’s not happening bub

  15. It’s reddit, i don’t owe you a dissertation and i’m not gonna read one if you decide to type it out, go get laid or something

  16. Xi’an felt like a bad harley quinn rip off. The acting was over the top and her lines were so cringe i literally skip them when I rewatch.

  17. it’s yellow and has a little cat wearing a pineapple hat. The lady at the store was so happy to give it to me when I told her she could pick it out for me.

  18. do you need instructions to wipe your ass too?

  19. this is just called talking. you’re the one bringing up your rape trauma.

  20. It’s relevant to the conversation so idk why you’re getting all pissy. not everyone comes on reddit just to have your oh so intelligent conversations.

  21. i’m not pissy. and i know not everyone comes to reddit to talk to me but… you did. you came to this day old post and replied to me specifically and have been talking to me so i don’t understand your point

  22. Yeah and i’m the mf queen of England AMA guys

  23. The queen of England isn’t on Reddit and isn’t a lesbian. That’s preposterous.

  24. how’d you know she’s not gay? are you stalking her too? you’re a big shot aren’t you huh?

  25. The part where you said that OP was to blame because apparently a woman being comfortable with sexuality is looking to be harassed in your eyes.

  26. And what exactly is her sketchy behaviour? being a woman and being sexual?

  27. CATS. every single time i get home i pick up my cat and give her a good sniff

  28. Serious answer: It doesn’t need to be put anywhere the penis is approximately where a woman’s clitoris is and the scrotum is around where the vulva is. Everything is far enough from the anus that it’s all out of the way and safe from falling turds. Source I own a penis and know someone who owns a clitoris and vulva.

  29. you do know the clitoris is part of the vulva right? that’s like saying your dick is inside your balls.

  30. An extreme fan, it comes from an eminem song of the same name. you should check it out, it’s really good

  31. In quebec we either use the english “by the way” or “en passant”

  32. Real question: Now that you’re 22 and apparently can take care of yourself etc. are you still autistic?

  33. autism is permanent. there is no cure.

  34. So, I’ve known so many autistic kids. Now that they’re adults they’re fine. What happened?

  35. They are either masking or they have resources to help. Autism is a disability, not an illness. It doesn’t go away.

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