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Good friend recently got a new dog who had been terrorizing their 12+ year old senior cat to the point of bad depression. Asked if I would take him in so he could be happy again. I’ve never had a cat but said yes to help. Turns out he’s a cool dude and seems to be very happy and comfortable here 🙂

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  1. Bible thumpers are probably like “SaTaN dId ThIs”

  2. Among their many other atrocities, the church has tried to stamp out tattooing in every culture it has encountered & colonized throughout history.

  3. I’m a tattoo artist and I had a buddy that had a client die from going to the beach after a tattoo, what people don’t understand is a tattoo is a open wound so if you go to the beach all the bacteria is getting in your open wound and can cause efection and kill you, you can avoid this by not go swimming or buy some saniderm and wear it over your tattoo

  4. I wouldn’t even swim with saniderm. Unless you know that seal is 100% it’s not worth the risk of getting lake water under your bandage. I did have a client who had a swimming lesson with their kid they couldn’t miss so I sent them home with extra to change it out after the swim just to be safe & that seemed to work well but ya, even tho their site says you can swim with it on, I still recommend not to risk it.

  5. I bet that’s a question the never ask. In fact if they find out, you prob get a high five & a hiring bonus.

  6. When I realized someone who didn’t give a shit about me was making $3000-$6000 a month off me & average chair rental/mo is $1500.

  7. Don't worry, it's actually aimed at transformers. They just really hate Decepticons

  8. Gross. I didn’t even know we HAD cockroaches here.

  9. Generally they are German cockroaches that are found here, not the big giant fuck off New York kind you see in movies.

  10. Oh! You should follow the truth doctor on IG, she is a licensed therapist who is open about their BPD! You absolutely can!

  11. Last year my husband contracted Babesiosis from a tick bite that left him hours from death and in ICU for a week. The parasite had started to melt parts of his brain, it almost destroyed his kidneys and gall bladder. He survived thankfully, the final medical bill was $97k and he is still trying to recover from the after affects. The incubation of a tick bite can be up to six weeks. So you may not know for this length of time if you have been bitten. If you think you have been bitten, please go and get your bloods done asap. Be safe now and don’t wait for symptoms.

  12. Holly hell absolutely fuck the US “healthcare” system I hope you and your husband recover physically, emotionally and financially from this.

  13. Also “woman” not women. Honestly surprised he’s not just using the word females instead

  14. Right now there is an 11 year old kitty boy sitting at a shelter because his owner died and none of the family took him in. They brought him and his 18 year old sister to the shelter and they ended up having to put the 18 year old kitty down because she ended up getting sick in the shelter. I foster kittens and every week I go in to the shelter and see this sweet big boy. I used to have five cats and one recently passed and I am desperately considering this big boy because I can not bear to see him languish at the shelter. I believe he will soon be mine.

  15. There is an organization called my grandfathers cat, they assist in re-homing kitties who’s humans can no longer care for them or who have passed. They might be worth checking out & connecting with if you foster 💕

  16. This makes me sad. You wouldn’t get rid of a kid if you had another & it bullied the first. Idk…maybe these people would since it’s so easy for them to get rid of an old family member for a new puppy they refuse to train/discipline

  17. I agree, it was off putting for many reasons, especially since they're Christians. Obviously she's not a good Christian

  18. On a side note I totally agree but I’ve found that the few times I’ve seen some place actually state that they are adults only people flip out and lose their minds. Like no ones arguing that the strip club should be adults only. But there was a restaurant in my town that was on the water in a beach town. They had an old beautiful building with many narrow rooms you stepped down to access with tables facing the ocean. Awesome sunset/date spot definitely expensive and the kind of place you would go to for your anniversary or to propose. So due to their narrow layout they had no high chairs and strollers weren’t allowed. They put a few signs on the front basically saying no babies and that you cannot bring in strollers. The number of bad reviews I have seen with people freaking out crying discrimination is beyond me. Like there’s so many places to eat in this area and I will never understand why people think it’s ok or want to bring a baby to an expensive place like that. But yah idk. Like I totally agree with you but in general I feel like businesses don’t want the blow back. Have you seen many places ban kids successfully?

  19. Tattoo shops. Like ya some will let kids in but this is a part of the reason I went private. No babies. No kids. No one under 18 allowed & no you can’t bring your dog to my clean space where I perform a permanent service that breaks skin.

  20. Ryan gosling. Dunno what people see in him, I mean, sure younger him was somewhat digestible but past his prime, looks like a racoon to me.

  21. I came here to say Ryan Gosling too but I wouldn’t insult raccoons, they’re frikin adorable

  22. Literally any tattooer should be able to do this kind of work

  23. This is false. Not every tattooer is proficient (or interested) in doing every style. This assumption is how people end up with jacked tattoos. Do your research folks, look at the artists portfolio for similar work if you’re seeking a specific style, it’s best to go to an artist who specializes or at least has some of it in their portfolio.

  24. They are in Edmonton but @your_localplantwitch_ does the style you’re looking for

  25. Changing to a booth rent studio was a game changer for me. I work when I want, however much or little I want, and deal with my own money. The studio has a shop manager to open, clean and greet clients. I'm very lucky, but I also feel like it's the direction things are headed.

  26. Opening my own private space was a game changer for me. I run it for just as much as I was paying in a chair fee (less some months)

  27. Rebook once, cool, I get it shit comes up & hopefully I got more than 48 hrs so the deposit remains in full. A second rebook, no matter how much notice is given will forfeit half of the deposit ($50) and another $50 will need to be added to the existing $50 in order to rebook. I feel bad taking deposits but for the most part, I trust my clients are actually sick, have a sick kid, vet bill or car repair that takes priority over their luxury service with me but I definitely keep an eye on the chronic re-bookers and flakey types when booking, repeat offenders will usually lose saturday privileges as that’s a most sought after spot.

  28. Aw that sucks, I’m sorry! This happened to a coworker of mine once. It was one of those nano machines, so small & barely weighed a thing. He either threw it out or it was stolen, more than likely the former tho.

  29. A place where everything is bigger, including the racism & misogyny

  30. Far out!! Why have children if you aren't prepared to love and look after them?!! I do not get it! I love children, I've always been very maternal but I also didn't want the responsibility of children when I was younger so I waited until I was well and truly ready. I've been with my now husband for 14 years and we have just 1 chuld and he's a handful! We're waiting until that calms down a bit before having #2 because kids are bloody hard work!! I don't know why you'd continue to pop them out one after the other when you're young and not prepared to be kind and patient with them. This just breaks my heart, the poor child and his siblings will be traumatised for life and one of them might not even make it.

  31. Likely they did not have access to proper sex education, birth control or smushsmortions …or mental health care.

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