[OC] Saw this on my way home today

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  1. He’s expecting you to mine to his wallet for a month. And wether it’s worth it or not depends on a lot of factors that are probably different from yours.

  2. Good point, what does a 3060 get per month in USD?

  3. Years ago in my first IT role I had an appiphony that I had to draw a line in the sand

  4. The burgers are also bigger at HJs. And tasty too

  5. Jot just bigger... denser, so they take up more space than a marble in your stomach... unlike Maccas

  6. Yep, family of 5 that used to get Mecca's several times a week

  7. Considering the kinds of weights these are supposed to launch into space, I find it fascinating how little appears to be anchoring it to the ground

  8. Just based on the angle and action, I was kind of expecting this to be on

  9. 2 weeks ago I walked past local House store, it was almost empty, I'm thinking wow okay, it's closing down, I get a little excited, wondering what new retailer they are going to put in it's place, last week, I walk past & the store is full of stock again lol

  10. Was it the Knox store, because I saw the same thing

  11. Could this see another use in carbon capture tech?

  12. No-cause evictions may be illegal, but retaliatory evictions are not

  13. I really like how Dandenong is build now

  14. I ordered one on canvas the second I saw this image.. can't wait

  15. Reminds me of this Seinfeld sketch

  16. “That’s not that bad, it is a little silly but much better than a lot of stuff I’ve seen here.”

  17. Yeah, I came here to say the same thing

  18. This literally just happened to me, but if was both mine, and my wife's car at the same time

  19. Ari, but you really have to emphasise the R

  20. Thank god for the privacy screens between the urinals, not sure I could go with the person next to me watching

  21. OP said techs are in demand, not sales reps.

  22. I'm a tech interested in a new role

  23. Servers seem to be down, hopefully just a patch

  24. I'm trying to buy one at the moment but none exist anywhere in Australia

  25. no, the regulator has stepped in and told all the private companies to stop being greedy fucking assholes.

  26. These companies are putting so much at risk by deliberately cutting supply

  27. how do you know that this the reason they don't want to produce enough power vs. alt explanations like "they didn't think it was profitable to run with price caps"

  28. Because the regulator told us as much

  29. Same here, my wife had no sex drive until recently, Probably a combination of ditching birth control and the relief of knowing we were not going to get pregnant

  30. I worked at IBM, they were paying out millions per month for breaching SLA's.

  31. Petrol just went to $2.25/L

  32. Just and aussie thing isn't it? Spend your money in the pub and live in depth? Bet you got lease for your car, tv and million other things as well?

  33. Just the mortgage, don't drink

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